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Collection by patrick.mesquita
Skyrim so wie es sein sollte!
Lord Alexander's Realist Skyrim (Improved)
Collection by Lord Alexander
This is a cool collection that I really wanted to be made. The goal here is to compile the best of skyrim's lore-friendly mods. This mod-pack contains over 120 mods that I wanted to use. All of these mods a balanced to a point that I found acceptable. If ...
TESV:S: Fixes and Improvements
Collection by Davos
Well, I'm going to stare at that grass for a few days. A (totally original) collection for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (TESV:S) filled with addons that can fix and improve the game. Don't worry, there aren't any paid ones. Tried to order them as best a...
Skyrim Mods
Collection by EastWestman
My Mods
"Improved" Skyrim
Collection by Steve Harvey
Makes the world of skyrim into a JRPG/Korean MMORPG style game. Directed by Jade Star and Produced by Trion Games and Erected in the game's homeland of Taiwan, you can expect to see a immersive pile of shit.
Collection by D1EgOo92
Skyrim Mechanical Enhancements
Collection by Oladin
Collection by Alex6932SVK
Skyrim Mods For When I Get The Game
Collection by ArmoreDragon
Mine alll mine
Collection by Codar
AwesomO Skyrim Collection
Collection by AwesomO
Requires: All Official DLC SKSE ( Also added via Nexus: Bellyaches New Dragon Species Belt-Fastened Quivers Better Dialogue Controls Better MessageBox Controls Climates of Tamriel Convenient Horses Frostfall Helg...
Skyrim revamped
Collection by Ragna
MOD IT Until it Crashes
Collection by Junit151
Sean! Have a cat pic on the house. - - - - Non-Steam Mods - - - - Dropbox containing three other mods and an installation guide for them.
Wippiscut's Collection
Collection by Wippiscut
Just the stuff I like. SkyUI requieres SKSE, so it's not included. Immersive Patrols also has a vanilla counterpart if you need it.
Len's Mods
Collection by Lenadha
Doctor Squishy's Super Fun Sized Mod Pack!
Collection by Doctor Squishy
This is a collection that so far all these mods work well together and no real issues... yet. The collection is for my Stream so people may take a look at all the fun stuff I am currently using.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by Nicolas Cage
My skyrim 23-04-2015
Collection by Agulag
Must-Have mody
Collection by ZombiQ
Immersive Skyrim
Collection by VařímWhiskeyZVody
Subscribed Mods
Collection by Xathier
To quicken the whole "Need all my mods transferred on another computer" deal.
Beep Boop?
Collection by Flugger
Collection by Commander
Dem di di dom
Skyrim - UI & UE
Collection by Furezia
All mods to enhance User Interface and User Experience : - Follower - Quest Tracking - Armor / Clothes - Horse Enhancement - SkyUI - Homes Upgrade
Skyrim Mods
Collection by BlackLusterBob
A collection of mods i use to play Skyrim.
Must Have Mods
Collection by McKase
Mods that are lore friendly and make skyrim an even better game.
My Skyrim Stuff
Collection by Araan_Daksun
Just all the mods I use in skyrim.
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by -Glacial-
Nynros Skyrim Mods
Collection by Nynros Vorlon
My very personal collection of skyrim mods
Skyrim mods April 19 2015
Collection by Dreaguh
Group of mods for Skyrim.
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