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My Favorite Mods
Collection by Tonkonator
I mainly uploaded this for myself but anyone who likes these mods feel free to subscribe, or look at the list of the actual creators of the mods and their list.
my mods
Collection by kinzda
Lots of mod for me.
Collection by Shia Surpirse
الله أكبر
DF Over-all experience enhancer
Collection by daltonfreeman96
Tired of trying to figure out why daedric armor is better than dragon? Or why dragons have different color scales, but their drops all look the same? Want to make the game more roleplaying oriented with skill increasing abilities specific to "classes" and...
Fufill You're Destiny
Collection by Liam D
Adds a bunch of mods i think would have been great in the Vanilla Game
Collection by chasesaurus
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim may mods
Collection by DAGBYORN
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim may mods
A Better Skyrim
Collection by amaldro
Rastaz Collection
Collection by RastaZ
[LV]PYR8's Essential Skyrim Mods
Collection by [LV]PYR8
The Mods that I personally like to load onto Skyrim to make the play experience better without making my character OP. Most are for Immersion. Some tweak or (IMO) improve gameplay.
Collection by Dragons'Mom
Skyrim Essentials.
Collection by AlienShark_1o1
WhiteSunZ Personal Collection
Collection by WhiteSunZ
My personal collection
Collection by serioussamk
Melmione's To-Do List
Collection by Melmione
The title is self-explanatory. I've heard great things about these, but have declined to subscribe just yet. The reasons are typically because I'm either worried about game-breaking issues, mods that aren't compatible, or blowing up my poor basic laptop w...
tamas and taylroe
Collection by The Lord of The Flies
WhiteSunZ Personal Colection
Collection by WhiteSunZ
Private Collection 1
Collection by Dudedrummer
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