The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Containing item: "Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude Snow"
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Pioter's Choice
Collection by: PioterC
Another better Skyrim
Collection by: Anubis
Just another "better" Skyrim collection. More or less its how I think how it looks best. ;-)
Skyrim Compendium, Part 1 - The Essentials
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
A collection of lore-friendly gameplay/graphics/sounds/etc. mods that should barely affect performance. NOTE: Requires SKSE for full effect.
Must Have Skyrim Texture Packs
Collection by: Lamp
This is a collection of what I feel are must have Skyrim texture mods. It contains both workshop and nexusmods recommendations. I will update the list as I find new mods to add Recommended NexusMods: Enhanced Lights and FX -
Mods for Caroline
Collection by: Cpt Benny
JJ White Skyrim mods collection
Collection by: JJ_White
These are the mods I use
my mods yo
Collection by: clit yeastwood
my fav mods
Collection by: ProPhilosophy
Useful Mods
Collection by: Taimeriz
Just a bunch of useful mods
Sauls quickstart mods
Collection by: BreakMyCore
My Skyrim Collection
Collection by: ArchRogue
A collection of all my mods.(REQUIRES A GOOD COMPUTER).
Current mods [SKYRIM]
Collection by: Darth Vader
My current Skyrim mods.
Collection by: strictlywikid13
Graphics comp
Collection by: `Aff(x)tion.
Collection by: Wazzix
Just a medium sized collection of mods that enhance my gameplay experience.
Wazzix the little things
Collection by: Wazzix
Collection by: macgyver2004
Moje ulubione mody.
Collection by: nethyyahell
Коллекция для приятной игры в Skyrim [RUS]
Collection by: GROTER GREEN
Эта коллекция создана для комфортной игры в Skyrim! В ней не будут мешающие прохождению моды, только те, которые дополняют историю Довакина! Об...
frag85's HD 2k Textures compliment
Collection by: frag85
Running NebuLa's Skyrim HD - 2k Textures: RCN Classic, Install required for the steam workshop can be found here: Unoffical Skyrim Patch:
Collection by: SuicideStix
Skyrim mods.
Collection by: winston
Mainly lore friendly graphic and race mods.
Emils collection
Collection by: Mystogian
the mods i have installed
Johnnys Mod list
Collection by: Panda
derp herp
Legends Skyrimmods
Collection by: Legend
Collection by: snuppi_gaming
Hi dies ist der MOD auf Steambasis, mein alter auf Nexus hab ich der Benutzer halber fallen lassen.... Der MOD ist nur für HighEnd PCs Systemanforderungen min. bei 1080p i7 3770 8GB RAM GTX 680 Es wurde die Grafik also Texturen und Mashgitter ...
Dan's Modpack
Collection by: Fossil
Holy Mod List
Collection by: Cap'n'Crunch
My basic mod list for Skyrim. Requires Dawnstar, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. Improves gameplay by removing the annoying elements; improves combat, overhauls graphics and sounds.
Just my collection so far.
Collection by: Kurtz
I am making this for a friend so he can have the best experience with me while we play. More stuff will be added later.
Basic Skyrim
Collection by: Satyros
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