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Left 4 dead 2 Fun mod with many different items/games and super horde!
Collection by Justnormal
Here is a huge selection of mods for a better gameplay experience. All infected are changed with many items in game. And the most important thing, the spiiter is a poltergeist and invicible(if you want to reveal him you need the night vision flashlight)...
LFD2 Best Modz
Collection by DAREALBANANA
Stuff I Use For L4D2
Collection by DXDaniel
Simple as the title says it
My L4D2 Add-Ons
Collection by Swift
Just a few addons I like.
Shrome's Glorious Collection
Collection by MrShrome
Left 4 Dead
Collection by Ethann115
Sp00ky and horror stuff.
"Beta" Left 4 Dead Gameplay
Collection by doomddtb
Here I've created a list of add-ons that work well together in creating a somewhat beta feel to Left 4 Dead (Playable in L4D2).
Collection by Alfplay
Super HD L4D2
Collection by Lucious
Just makes the overall game better, cleaner and more polished. This collection uses polished skins, different skyboxes and a change in lights and some sounds. Highlights of the Collection: - Cinematic Lighting (Makes lights in generators, caves and ...
Collection by Alex.exe
Private, I take no credit for any mods.
Dion is gay Pack
Collection by Not funny
Left 4 Dead: Nazi Zombies!
Collection by Kevin ツ
Great mods put together to have a fun and exciting time. Recommended to play on Nacht Der Untoten survival. This collection pretty much covers everything. Has mods covering the interface and music of the main menu, graphic enhancement/lighting effects,...
Left For Dead 2 Enhanced
Collection by Dee
This collection of mods contains; Reskins, Remodels & Retextures of the most important things in the game, such as; Models, guns, MISC items, Infected, Special Infected, map textures, lighting and the HUD. This collection should make the game look and fee...
L4D Favourites
Collection by BridgeJumper3000
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Collection by Porcelain Dolls
Uncle basil's L4D2 bundle
Collection by basil698
Simply a pack of items for L4D2, picked according to my own taste. Quality weapons and few fun addons. None made by me, all credits go to the talented modders out there. To be honest the reason for the pack is that it's easier this way to download my fav ...
L4D2 HD Collecton
Collection by iNinjaCat ٩͡[๏̯͡๏]۶
Left 4 Dead Get Rekt
Collection by ZeF
Collection by Dimka
Complete L4D2 / L4D1 Semi-Realistic Pack
Collection by FlyGuy
/// Important Notes /// I didn't make any of these mods nor did I help with their creations. All I did was put these mods together in a pack. I made this pack to make L4D seem more interesting and seem a bit more realistic.
Left 4 Bread
Collection by God Invented Abortions
Collection by Jack Smith
Collection by Matt Christensen
L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by Mr Schultz
Collection by Gentax_TheLord
ooga booga
My Survivors Collection
Collection by Lord Blackthorn
Collection by Flowen
BlastFrosty's Collection
Collection by BlastFrosty
L4D2 Swag
Collection by Spacetato
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