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cody king kong
Collection by rufernaiter556
cody and friend
janek ssie jajko w chlebie
Collection by Chruppek
Collection by MrP4ran0rm41Pr0
Coleçao das brisa
Collection by Karoz(Zorak)
das brisa!!! ai meu olho1!!!!
Miner's modded L4d2 collection
Collection by Miner Arod
this is most awesome collection ever!
dabush's nonsensical survival
Collection by daloges
narcolandya v.2
Collection by R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
упоротость для игры с друзьями !
RDC LFD2 Pack 1
Collection by Neta
Nomad's L4D2
Collection by Nomad
Adam's collection
Collection by Adam Jensen, the Village Idiot
Touch my butt
My L4D2 Mods
Collection by -=[ZG]=- Doge Lord
My mixup of mods :D
Doshirak&co's collection
Collection by [Alt+F4]DoшиpakM@N v1.8.3
This one changes pretty everything in left 4 dead 2(new specials(skins'n sounds), new weapons(same thing), some hd textures and other stuff) P.S. don't hurry to play instantly after you load L4D, let the addons load(it will take 1-5 mins)
Anzoranian Network Left 4 Dead Collection
Collection by [AN]Satheindor
This is the collection of mods that Sath, from Anzoranian Network, uses.
Весёлый пак впрочем
Collection by VurfY
My Lfd2 collection
Collection by Jaguar AnDy
Conflict - X
Collection by Samoel Colt
В ноябре 2015 года лихорадка «Эбола» охватила 1/3 население земли, был введен экспериментальный препарат от этой болезни «LUX», она подавляла в...
Brutal Mod Pack
Collection by CucuMester
This is my apocalypse! This pack is the best for me. It's my style. EPIC! Try this! :)
My L4D2 Addons
Collection by Daniel MCH
Just the Addons I'm subscribed to. Not much more to say.
Collection by 후이주이
my stuff
Collection by supaginge
a bunch of things i use
The Hillrop Collection
Collection by Hillrop
All of my favorite addons in the world
Lel 2
Collection by Mekrani
Left 4 Dead 2收藏
Collection by [TW]MiniYung
Left 4 Dead 2025
Collection by Peak
Adds futuristic weapons and skins for that "futuristic" feel. Enjoy!
Collection by Separatist
Collection by Zoombie | Trade.tf #MODGATE
Murica' needs no description. Detail is for commies, and smart people
Collection by 레바
제가 쓰는 애드온입니다. 그냥 구경만 하셔도 되욤~
Infected mods
Collection by Sayaka The Tyrannical
My colection
Collection by I'm Back So No Cry
Super Fabulous Neo-Retro VHS Thingy-Dingy
Collection by Placebo Horse
A collection of weapons, skins, particles, et cetera that will give your game a sort of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon look.
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