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Left 4 Dead 2 收藏包
Collection by Lonely_Ghost_TW
My L4D2 Setup
Collection by ShadowX116
Just so my friends can see what I see. :3
Double Spy's Left 4 Dead 2 Favorites
Collection by The Spy Of Double
These are my favorite addons from L4D2! Once again, i take no credit for these addons. All the credit goes to the respectful creators. (Notice: The thumbnail and background are still W.I.P. I'll get around to doing it soon. c;)
Turbo's collection
Collection by Mantissa
Replaces everything except boomer and game UI.
stuuf to play with
Collection by I'm_Calling_Shenanigans
Collection by bignacho
A good ol colletion of TF2 related items :D
A collection of mods for l4d2- by THEPACA
Collection by THEPACA
A collection of mods that i use
my addons
Collection by Eyeless Jack
my addons
ShreddedPaper's Inventory Pack
Collection by ShreddedPaper
Just a collection I can come back to easily just to subscribe and unsubscribe from inventory items. Stealing of products inside collection is not intended. Note: If any of you locals happen to come across this collection, make sure to subscribe to the...
Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Collection by Pancake Police
a collection of workshop items that are TF2 themed. | P.S. All of these items are not all compatible with each other, I just put the subscribe to all button on because there are so many addons. Have a nice day! ***DISCLAIMER*** I did not make any o...
The Fun Collection
Collection by Joranator
A collection that has fun add-ons for your game!
My Collection
Collection by theblackwidower
Just a bunch of stuff I found, and didn't want to lose.
Game Changers
Collection by Destroy Them With Tables
THIS mod pack gives your game an extreme makeover! NOTES: Some add-ons may conflict with each other because of "thumbs.db" colliding in one or more add-on VPK's. DO NOT COMPLAIN to the original authors about it. It is a glitch file and not actively us...
Cans & Drink Machines
Collection by Tя!cky ツ
Replace pills with Cans and choose your Fav Soda Machine ツ
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