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Collection by TiredLucas
Friendo moderino's
Collection by memy61
The L4D2 Swag-Pack
Collection by mrmeatyworth
All the swag you need to kill zombies in style.
Left 4 Bread
Collection by Pube
Vaas Yovobiтсhe's crazy schet
Collection by Vaas Yanovich
Vaas Yovobiтсhe's crazy schet
Silly L4D2 Mods
Collection by pootrak
Double Spy's Left 4 Dead 2 Favorites
Collection by Double Spy
These are my favorite addons from L4D2! Once again, i take no credit for these addons. All the credit goes to the respectful creators. (Notice: The thumbnail and background are still W.I.P. I'll get around to doing it soon. c;)
L4D2 server stuff
Collection by [TSK] Roseluck
Dipper's Box of Addons
Collection by dank memes
A pack of addons for me and my friend.
Left 4 Modifications 2
Collection by ☭Social Core™
A collection of COOL WHACKY FUN replacements for left 4 dead 2
SpykeXD's Favorite Weapon/Item Skins
Collection by Spyke
Just a collection of some of my favorite weapon and item skins. These only include weapons you can pick up and use, not models or textures in the campaigns.
Collection by G_Man
Collection by Admiral Pinecone
PeD0_EEd0's Collection
Collection by PeD0_EEd0
L4D2 Collection
Mods to do the zombie survival with Ark
Collection by Arklight
Zer0x_Gravitys Modlist
Collection by Zer0x_Gravity
My L4D2 Mods
This Is a Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Kitel [VACation]
This Modpack has very very nice mods for your L4D2.
TF2 in L4D2!
Collection by GG pacquiao
This collection replaces various things in L4D2 with stuff from TF2! Currently, the only playable TF2 character is tbe Scout whom which replaces Ellis. All content belongs to there rightful owners, I didn't make them. Have fun and enjoy!
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