Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Collection by: habalkris
Left 4 Dead 2 Addons
Collection by: ExplodingPancake1
A Collection of addons for L4D
Jemel's Zombie Pack
Collection by: Jomal
My live-stream mod list
Collection by: CrypticScott
I did not make any of these mods
Collection by: [N/A] Dethwish
dat seem sale
Left 4 Hilarity
Collection by: Sector Sweep
With a few clicks of the subscribe button, you can turn L4D2 into the most ridiculous zombie-survival horror-action game hybrid since Resident Evil 6. Most of these can work together, but there are a few that may be incompatible.
Walking Dead Complete Collection
Collection by: [TUN] Sir Lenopow
Full collection of the best Walking Dead game mods.
Collection by: pottsie111
Jeff's L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by: Not Jeff
The best L4D2 workshop mods around!
Collection by: t3h_SpAdEs
MineCraft Power
Collection by: Redneck Bear
Left 4 Dead 2 stuff
Collection by: Talsimon
Left4Dead R8R
Collection by: gumbo1919
For R8R
Collection by: edster_in_da_house
Zombie Slayers
Collection by: Cpt.0bviouss
This collection has some of the best Zombie slayers from different games and movies, Mix up your team a bit with Shaun, Leon Kennedy, Clementine and much more. This also includes weapons, infected and sound mods. Hope you enjoy this collection
Every Cool Character I Know Of
Collection by: mclean.ben
Addons for dicks
Collection by: [2BAO]Orkon
If you're a dick then download.
L4D2 mods 4 me
Collection by: screaminghippy
Left 4 dead 2 mods
My own personal brand of insanity
Collection by: Lord of Bones
This is a collection of my own personal brand of insanity.
Left 4 Dead II Cheeseburger Apocalypse
Collection by: Survival of the Fittest
Cheeseburger Apocalypse FTW
Collection by: zexionienzo
dwind bloody
Collection by: Roz Britanicus
my collection i hope you enjoy
Bugg's mods
Collection by: {T-E} Count Buggula
Just a handy list of the mods I use to increase realism and resolution.
Left 4 dead mods
Collection by: hunter
All of the l4d mods i love <3
Topp's Collection Of L4D2 Crap
Collection by: Toppramen
Everything from Disneyland Maps to Custom Sounds.
For a Friend LFD2
Collection by: Volk
LFD2 mods for my friend
For Friends
Collection by: 24th_November
For Friends
Undead's Favorites
Collection by: UndeadSniper
This is a big list of mods I've collected for L4D2. Most are to make the game feel more realistic, with more badass-feeling addons rather than comical. Also includes some nice campaigns I've found. I hope anyone who decides to try these out gets as much e...
Private game pack
Collection by: Dante Mackie
Private game pack
The walking dead pack by Jason
Collection by: Jason IV.
The walking dead mod + good custom contents
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