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my shit 2
Collection by: ATOMICbitchSLAP
L4D2: Horror Edition
Collection by: Davoss
Ever thought L4D wasn't scary enough? Did you want it to feel like you didn't want to goof around? Then this collection is for you! This mod mainly changes most of the music in the game to feel... dangerous, evil and rewarding for surviving. It will b...
Collection by: ☆_SteelShot_☆
Every Mod You Know Is Wrong
Collection by: Starkanical
A collection of mods used by the crazy lady that lives three doors down from you. You know who I mean.
Игра в HD формате
Collection by: ProRash☆NeneroG
Качественные работы, не портящие атмосферу игры, а так же не меняющие не чего, кроме текстур и анимаций. Всё проверено. Если какие то плагины...
Collection by: Cirno
A collection of all the crap i have
Lost Unit's L4D2 Pack
Collection by: Kanaye
Conflict - X
Collection by: Samoel Colt
В ноябре 2015 года лихорадка «Эбола» охватила 1/3 население земли, был введен экспериментальный препарат от этой болезни «LUX», она подавляла в...
Left 4 Dead Army Edition
Collection by: Cyane
Eine kleine Mod-Sammlung um das Spielerlebnis zu verändern.
l4d2 work stuff
Collection by: Meow
My favourite mods!
Collection by: Prince_Charming
Just the Mods for L4D2 that I freaking Love!
Collection by: Pizzadox
My Own HD pack
Collection by: [AoA] Azzerion
Pack of HD skins for L4D2, all immersive.
Everything I like
Collection by: Hyperchip
To store stuff I like.
Silent evil 2 xD
Collection by: Sephidin
Spoony's Collection
Collection by: Spoon
The collection I'm using. Not everything works together.
Fun and some realism!
Collection by: JustEagle
The Aetherreaper
Collection by: greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
Fancy Graphics and Realism.
Collection by: TEAMKILLER
Nice Graphics and some realism.
Für Benni
Collection by: [MEO]BassKater
4 Benni
Mr. Muffins way of playing L4D2
Collection by: Mr. Muffin's, the One True God
This is the way that I, Mr. Muffins, the One True God, ment L4D2 to be played.
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Retouch - Redone
Collection by: [ᵴ] ɖᵲizzy
Retouches your Left 4 Dead 2 into a realistic HD world. I took things from the the HD collection I found and added some things while also removing unnecessary addons that made it not so good.
Body's Must Have's
Collection by: 'Bodycount
Collection of must-haves that ive found on the l4d2 workshop All the content inside this collection does not belong to me but to the respected creators Anyhow; This is what i use when i play l4d2, so if you want the same mods installed as me, downlo...
My Personal Collection
Collection by: Moonlight Campfire
Made for Personal Use A nice mix of comedy, references, and realism
Collection by: Mystique
For my friends
best addons L4D2
Collection by: OnRyo
Left4Dead 2 selezione
Seriously HD/HQ Textures
Collection by: Sorce
This Collection Will be updated every once in a while so make sure you come back. You Do not need a high running computer to use these mods, i suggest you have your Texture Quality on High, Shader Quality on Very High, and Do NOT have V-Sync On. This Coll...
Collection by: Ser Pounce
Dr. Dingo's Dingerific Modpack
Collection by: .:[D:MR] Dr. Dingo
A modpack so my friends can have the same mods I do for maximum immersion. Anyone is welcome to download and comment. All Workshop files are made by their respective producers and I do not claim any ownership of any contained content.
Collection by: DildoFaggins
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