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Containing item: "The DeathStar"
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Sweg collection
Collection by: Bird
New collection of cool mods.
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: Shikaai
My L4D Mods for Futuristic Zombie Apocalypse
Collection by: Pandazooka
L4D2 My Collection
Collection by: Miguel
funny ass mods
Collection by: CRAFTY
just some of the funniest mods ive come across that make me laugh a whole bunch
The Dungeon's Winter Collection
Collection by: The Dungeon Master
A Collection I made for me and my amigos, use at your own discretion...
Collection by: =KT= HeWhoHumpsTanks
The Aetherreaper
Collection by: greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
My Nightmare
Collection by: ryanlm09
A collection of mods I like to mix together for my single player playthroughs. All credit given to the creators of the mods.
Collection by: -GabeN- Fluttershy
Mods i use
Collection by: tx267(TES)
McLean's Maniacal Madcap Mod Mayhem!
Collection by: Ben McLean
You may have missed many mods. Moreover, maybe you've misspent multiple minutes minutely monitoring Workshop's massive mall of mind-boggling masterpieces, only to muse that you were manipulated into meandering through mounds of mediocre manure for milleni...
LFD2 Freedom Collection 1
Collection by: Freedom
For the freedom user.
alex take this
Collection by: fryguyfern
Ultraboner MegaJams 2014
Collection by: Flint Atheno
Here is a collection of wicked sick titty rad mods that I've accumulated in pursuit of goofy shit and wacky nonsense. Most of them are way neato texture/model and sound replacements. No super lame gameplay-changing mods or anything. You should be able ...
Collection by: Zerberus
l4d2 fun tim
Collection by: did i ask
its just mods for me and my friends
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: The Pinball Thief
My go-to mods. I enjoy this pack because it's a fun mixture of cool guns, interested SI mods, and designed to be more about stuff I found generally awesome vs any particular theme.There is only one mod that I use in this pack outside of what's listed on s...
Collection by: butt muncher 2000
xavier pls
Mods that i use.
Collection by: Whitewithrice
Ralathar's Choice Items and Atmosphere
Collection by: Ralathar44
This is my personal choice of item skins and objects in the world like the moon/vending machines. Slick and sexy these are way better the original games. Enjoy :D. If you like my taste in items you should check out my weapon collection, infected/su...
Left 4 Dead 2 Pack
Collection by: REKT(>*.*)>
personal stuff yo
Collection by: [C$B] Sinomod
this be what I use
Left 4 Fun 2
Collection by: ex33s1
The description will be added soon... Note: There is No teletubbies mod in this collection, but I prefered to set up them as logo. P.S. The collection is not complete and has not been tasted yet.
Collection by: CrazedTaco
Star Wars
Collection by: Laalimir
Contains: CI Replaced with Storm Troopers (Common Infected) Common Infected Battle Droid (Common Infected) Imperial Survivors (Survivors) 501st Clone Trooper Coach (Coach) Darth Maul Hunter (Hunter) Tank Vader (Tank) Tancor [Rancor over Tank] (Ta...
Joeguertin's Livestream Mods
Collection by: Joedaman
This is a collection of the mods I use on my stream www.twitch.tv/joeguertin They may require a little tweaking and disable the ones that conflict.
Star wars
Collection by: Shöshi
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: WORLD POLICE (USA)
Fuck off!
Mac Attack Vision Pack
Collection by: DougMac
Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes -Lord Vader Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. -Albert Einstein You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. -Mark Twain Immersion...
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