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Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Qlite
Best mods for this game in my opinion of course :P
Collection by AntOniO IncOgnitO
Collection by Blubbermage
Collection by Ethann115
Sp00ky and horror stuff.
Corsair Collection
Collection by Corsair
Put this together for friends to use. To remove all conflicts you can download the file in the link. **Warning** The file is 2GB! https://www.dropbox.com/s/mdrvubtfay6ai7z/Corsair%20Collection.rar?dl=0 Replace files in the workshop folder with the dow...
Tapeshowa kolekcja
Collection by [MRI]Tapesh3-PL
NPC Skins
Collection by Dr34dN0ught
Collection by 과제의 전설
Roleplaying as a Sock!
Collection by DeClarke
Collection by ΜαdSkıllsッ
My l4d2 hd collection.
Derulo pack
Collection by Yuuki~Kun
Is a derulo pack
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by TheGangstarTY
DOWNLOAD ALL OF THESE IF YOU WANT TO JOIN MY GAMES!!! All of these mods work and I've put this up as with the right ones activated, it wilol feel like a brand new and hilariously awesome game that you're playing. By the way, these items do not work tog...
My L4d2 Addons Moddex
Collection by Moddex
Collection by Blake.H
What i use in Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by [HBZ] iShawnyBoy
Everything i use in my l4d2 game. Credits to rightful creators of the mods.
Realistic Fun Fanatic
Collection by RoostedBeaver
Just what i like and find the best fitting in a post apocalytpic envoriment
Skuttle's spookssss
Collection by Skuttle_Bucket
Collection by Count Chocula
HD texture
Collection by Djenovan
Текстуры в HD плюс редизайн Буду обновлять переодически новыми модами
Collection by ☆櫻花百代★
left for dead 2 for friends
Collection by Shockfox13
a fun mod pack that lets zombie become more terror than you hope by no means any of these are mine, all creadit goes to the creators and their works. p.s. play on expert
Mod Pack w/Friends
Collection by RequiemExtic
Remember to download these
Nouveau favoris
Collection by Fatpuppet
nouvelle liste de favories
Chase"s Left 4 dead Pref's 2015
Collection by Slippy The Sea Lion
My personal collection of mods mainly to give friends my same view!
Crimson's L4D2 modded collection
Collection by Triplevengeance
For Triplevengeance, H-man, Dazarloc, [nWo] Eggnogified Renrir, and anyone else in the group! You can choose to subscribe to all of them if you want, or just simply select which ones you'd like to download.
L4D2 pownage
Collection by Zugzwang
Deal with it.
Collection by ImperialGuard
Yeah just deal with it.
L4D2 Shenanigans (Special Infected)
Collection by Kawaii Killa
Collection by [TAW] Archer
Collection by [JPN]Sinnya
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