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oh, okay.
Collection by cooperevans001
just stuff.
All Non-Campaign Mods Smerg Uses
Collection by Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
wof wof Some of these mods conflict, so make sure you disable the ones you don't/won't use. Grab this to get all the Campaign (and Non-Campaign) addons I use that aren't on the workshop (~7.5GB): http://www.mediafire.com/download/49fi5k1qwnfneo5/All+Non...
Favorite Stuff
Collection by PenguinLink
Just stuff that I like to use
Stuff For Losers
Collection by (SUPA)HACKERMAN
Yeah you don't want this.
da l4d2
Collection by cousin jimberly
l4d2 addons and mods
Roleplaying as a Sock!
Collection by DeClarke
Friendo moderino's
Collection by memy61
The L4D2 Swag-Pack
Collection by #teammuhammed
All the swag you need to kill zombies in style.
Collection by Chugger
Cool mods
Collection by Ellipses
Left 4 Mods 2
Collection by Glaba
A lot of mods I use
Here Mike
Collection by KYLE
Weab Shit
Andy's Fun Collection *Includes Anime*
Collection by ★アンディー★
This collection is from my perspective of fun left 4 dead 2! Includes anime, tf2, dota 2, and some rainbow effects!
Infected Sounds
Collection by Wajeena George
Infected sounds to either make the game funny or scurry. Some of these are conflicting of course so be currful.
Waht i use
Collection by bdubsrocks
Just the mods i use. There are more than 1 zombies mods so watch out. i use the teletubbies, mincraft mobs, and the shreck tank mod when i play. They dont mess with eachother so its ok.
Collection by Booty-O-Saurus
How scary
Collection by Ondush
mah muds
Collection by Mister Snippy
ignore this
Must have L4D2 Addons
Collection by Kill La Kunkka
Amazing L4D2 Addons. Very fun to play with friends with
Smoke weed
Collection by John Cena
Geopocalypse's Monster Mash
Collection by Bread Phylactery
Just for me and my friends really, but anyone is welcome to give it a go.
mklavo30's Collection
Collection by mklavo30
My slutty mods
Collection by Mr. Raptor
Collection by Lightning Flash Asuna
Left 4 Dead 2 fun
Collection by BossLoaf
A collection of mods to create the wackiest Left 4 Dead experience possible.
My life is a clusterfuck of oozing black vagina venom splurging out of a prostitutes vagina cavity
Collection by Carrett50cal
smoking is no joking. when you eat the cake you eat the cake and then you must take a closer look but i dont understand the way you knoow why does yesteryday know how more like to wow sith this doesnt make any sense why are yoiu stilsl reading this fuck y...
Collection by [AS] Farkus
Oh God
Collection by Kamazaki
Sum Shtuf
2 Kawaii 2 Live
Collection by Dos
My Stuff
Collection by MasterGamer2476
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