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Containing item: "Slender Man"
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Sch0ckw3y's Left4Dead2 Modpack !
Collection by: Sch0ckw3y
Left 4 Dead 2 mit den schönen vielen Mods :D ...hier ist mein aktuelles Modpack! Viel Spaß !
Collection by: Omega Phoenix 988
The Aetherreaper
Collection by: greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
bubscast Let's Play
Collection by: ○[BC]○DemonicKingOfDiddling
This collection contains only mods that are featured in bubscast Let's Plays of Left 4 Dead 2.
Collection by: AshlynnArias
Collection by: squishykeflings
SLENDERMAN ultimate collection
Collection by: ➳ ค☈☈☉ฬ
The collection for all the Slenderman fans out there. With custom models and awesome sounds
my stuff
Collection by: shadowlord34
for friends
Some Zombie-Related Jimmy Jams
Collection by: Walter Negro
Because what's survivng an infected whorde without these essentials!
Survivors by Pi
Collection by: ESCOBAR
some jiberish thing
Collection by: agares
JoShScUr 2
Collection by: JoShScUr
Nick Cage
Collection by: Wynter Payne
Collection by: Xrushers
My epic collection.
Collection by: TheSkeletr0nic ᴾᴾᴹ
this item i have been subscribes
cool stuff
Collection by: Barry Barber
L4D2 Big Pack O' Random Mods
Collection by: |S00per| You'reVeryMoldy
I mod almost every aspect of Left 4 Dead 2 and switch mods very frequently. This list is also used to give proper mod names and credit for the mods used in my Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay videos.
L4D2 Favorite Skins
Collection by: Ghost
My favorite L4D2 skins. The video is of Doktor Haus' SR-25 replacement for the military sniper. It is by far one of my favortie skins and its video is therefor featured here.
Collection by: Godacre☭
Collection by: MrGrumpyPaws
레포데 2 좋은패치
Collection by: ¤킨지
ㅇㅇ 좋은패치
Map Packs and Survivors
Collection by: VictorFK
Ela contém personagens de L4D e L4D2 e com mapas personalizados para jogar
Dracrius L4D2 Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by: Dracrius
My Favorite Weapons, Players and Zombies
Left For Real
Collection by: Blaynelee4210
Cool Shizle
Collection by: Pancocks
its just for my friends so we can have a blazing 420 swag yolo niga time
Cthulu's mods
Collection by: Hivemind56
a collection of a whole bunch of different mods and maps to be sorted through for your tastes.
News team assemble
Collection by: ianpanz
Collection of mods for me and my friends
pewdiepie stuff
Collection by: chance_lane03
stuff that pewdiepie loves/hates/plays so subscribe and become a bro today
Collection by: pew
L4D2 Character Skins
Collection by: Wingzero431
A collection of character skins I like to use in Left 4 Dead 2.
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