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Containing item: "Back To School (Chapter 5)"
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Game Night of the Dead!!
Collection by: [Char]lemagne
Rikard's collection
Collection by: Rikard
Chances Collection
Collection by: ChancexlanD
Levels Hud Lasers
Mods for a friend
Collection by: Condeo
What the title says. None of the mods are mine, credit to the people that made them, etc. etc.
Duke's L4D Pack
Collection by: Duke
my stuff
Collection by: NASA
Co-op Campaigns for Friends
Collection by: azmeangreen
A collection of campaigns to co-op with friends.
Kollektion für Mich
Collection by: man_im_schnee
Einfach für mich
L4D2 5 Star Campaigns
Collection by: Joh
L4D2 Campaigns with 5 stars
Collection by: Evirstar~
Medic's L4D/L4D2 Collection
Collection by: {MLP4}Dr.Medic
"I have a few things for you here... hope you ENJOY ... or you're alive
Для джима
Collection by: Mr.Render
ну для джима
Mt. Tabor UberHall
Collection by: Retsef_Liob
Lan Party Stuff
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: legitlycool
Избранное MaxDaw
Collection by: $_Heisenberg_$
Моя коллекция избранного)
campain collection
Collection by: lone wolf games
a fun collection of campains whit the addons you need to play the maps
DoomedBros Maps
Collection by: DoomedLama
L4D maps
Collection by: codybcca
KingKongIV's collection
Collection by: KingKongIV
Collection of mods i'm currently using.
My collection of strange items
Collection by: Apple
Collection by: [PCMR] Pokecoop
Fucking pack m8
My addons list
Collection by: Dameius[RamRod]
a list of addons I have installed, but maybe not activated
L4D Co-op Pack
Collection by: Ryu
Have what I have.
Blinx's Collection
Collection by: [RSS] Cpl.Blinxis
Good Co-op collection
Good Campaigns
Collection by: jojoshshuaua
Ozzy's maps and shit
Collection by: Ozymandias
dont worry about it
Left 4 Dead 2 Ilustre
Collection by: Calculin
Para el ilustrismo.
Inquisition : Daemonhunt
Collection by: Venrez
Venrez's currently used Mod collection. I did not make any of the content contained within. This is simply for the ease of sharing with my friends so that we have the same experience.
Ryno's Mods
Collection by: Ryno
vjkemwo,clf mgkjmrw,dlcd, mfmio4,rp3w.;df bkm43o,we
Collection by: gerbilz
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