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Containing item: "Back To School (Chapter 2)"
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Every shit from matirz's subscribed
Collection by: matirz
everything from my subscribed
AllGames - Left4Dead2
Collection by: [imTEAM] imCEASER
Youtube Mods
Collection by: Detan Shi
used for channel
Comic Relief
Collection by: shadowsnpr561
Comic Mods Jumbled into one hilarious campaign play campaign levels in this order: -Back to School -Death Woods -Tank Challenge (For Boss Battle) The story is the velociraptors have to save their food source from the mighty and all powerful shrek f...
Кампания «Back To School» (by 100_o/o_f@ke)
Collection by: Axestone
Кампания для L4D2, включающая в себя шесть карт для прохождения.
spintu please
Collection by: Pazer
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Infinity
My addons
Collection by: PlaT
Deft 4 Lead
Collection by: Icehorn
press subscribe to set all shit to download
Gloryblazers Weird Pack of Unrelated Modifications
Collection by: Kerosene-Powered Cheese Grater
A collection of completely dissimilar mods arranged in a nonsequitous manner. Built by a group of weird friends. Don't download this.
Dedotated Collection
Collection by: λ.Jarod
Back To School
Collection by: Ouch! 01010111
Left 4 Fun
Collection by: Nato1191
FlameX's Campaign Collection
Collection by: тнёЇтalїaи
This is for my friends so we can play some Custom Campaigns and for anyone else who finds these addons interesting!
Campaign Collection L4D2
Collection by: Gentaro
Collection of Left for dead 2 campaigns for fast reference ---------------...........................------------------ This is a collection of add-on campaigns for Left 4 dead 2 For multi-part campaigns download and activate all the parts before...
Bew Bew Bozo
Collection by: Lai Fang
Suck my wuff.
TwinHaro Collection
Collection by: TwinHaro
My Collection -Survivors -Boomer -Charger -Tank -Weapons -Item -Sounds
L4D2 - Catshit Mod Pack
Collection by: Mineral
Our mods we use.
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