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Collection by: Kellmer123
for mah niggas
Super Smash Party
Collection by: semen_demon
Tier: Casual, Comedy All your favorite Nintendo friends are here to play. It's like smash brothers but with GUNS! Oh and some of the mods say they conflict but for the most part they should still work on top of each other, for example, the mario party ...
Collection by: A WALRUS
a collection for 2 nubs that call freinds
Collection by: A Friend of a Shadow
My Personal Collection
Collection by: A Friend of a Shadow
A Personal Collection of Mod i use for L4D2 you can use it if you want. All Mod Creators Did a Goodjob and are Displayed on the left side area. And All Credit is given to them for the mods none are mine. Some Mods aren't compatable with each other like...
Highschool Of Modded Dead
Collection by: Dalebaxter
nothing to do with highschool of the dead but le mods
Plasmacubed's LFD2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Plasmacubed
The Mods I like and use 8/8/2014 *Note I can't vouch for the Campaigns in the pack as I just added them on this date 8/8/2014 without playing them.
The Aetherreaper
Collection by: greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
My subs
Collection by: Krimzon95
My subs
Collection by: Krimzon95
just my subs
my stuff
Collection by: NASA
nicholes stofff
Collection by: The Mythical Onion Sprite
Left 4 dead awesomeness
Collection by: Sonic Junito
Darksword306 L4D2 Mod Essentials
Collection by: Darksword306
Collection by: thatstudentguy
for my homies
Collection by: Aron Gadark
Cool L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Majestic Fap-Dragon
Just some pretty cool L4D2 mods that I have found.
nice mods
Collection by: |RESC|CHARLESGTS™
nice mods works perfect weapons skins items skin survivors skin alternative sounds special infected skin alternative UI and improved graphics
けいおん!After School Tea Time
Collection by: +
Puddi's Pack
Collection by: Deadpudding |EIG|
LOLrReD's L4D2
Collection by: LOLrReD
The mods I play L4D2 with
Collection by: ViPxNaThAn831
Left 4 daed 2 stuff
Collection by: Grandpa_muffin
Left 4 Horrible
Collection by: Arkandy
Idiots Playing Games Collection
Collection by: whateverish
A collection I created for myself and some freinds. Includes things like Titanfall weapons, some visual enhancements and some interesting special infrected.
My L4D2 Backups
Collection by: Slim
Just stuff to sub-unsub when errors/crashes happen. Or re-installs.
LFD2 Freedom Collection 1
Collection by: Freedom
For the freedom user.
Teh Intranets comedy pack
Collection by: Drake Wyrm Silverwing
a collection of funny little mods mostly based on internets memes for the lolz~ enjoy :P
Da animu 2
Collection by: Pytheas
stay 23 timezones away at all times. uguu~
Kexzey's Pack
Collection by: Kexz
Just for people I know really, some of these might be of interest. Check it out.
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