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flappyfuntime mod bundle
Collection by: Flappy_Squirrel
These are the mods I used (full or in part) in the flappyfuntime bundle. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=396849762 Crunching a huge number of mods into a file gives you a quite a few advantages: (much) faster loading speed, abi...
Left 4 Dead 2 The Definitive Collection
Collection by: Seamlink
This collection includes: items, weapons, melee weapons and a few extras! This Main Collection does not have conflicts in the Addons menu between them! IMPORTANT: Please UNCHECK all of your previous Addons for this to work! This collection does not in...
L4D2: Fixes and Improvements
Collection by: Davos
Have you ever experienced a bug or a glitch in your time playing Left 4 Dead 2? Did you ever want cleaner menus? Then this is the collection for you! World models functioning weirdly? PROBLEM SOLVED Don't like the default weapons animations? PROBLEM S...
Collection by: Senpai
Collection by: [MRK]Blazedd
L4D1 addons for L4D2
Stuff I Use
Collection by: Joe
Just the stuff i use
Best Add-ons
Collection by: Quantinus
Collection by: حزمة الحطب مثلي☪
ven u momn get hoe m an she makek da spegoeti #swegvei spokd
Senpais Tools Of Killing
Collection by: Senpai
The Looks Are Killer Too
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Retouch - Redone
Collection by: [ᵴ] ɖᵲizzy
Retouches your Left 4 Dead 2 into a realistic HD world. I took things from the the HD collection I found and added some things while also removing unnecessary addons that made it not so good.
Collection by: Tis' but a scratch!
personal thingy, use if u want but i made this so i can redownload later
horrorish rustic thingy personal
Collection by: Tis' but a scratch!
personal horror serious thing
selw0nk's Mods
Collection by: selw0nk
This is a collection of the mods I use. They may require a little tweaking and disable the ones that conflict.
My Addons
Collection by: Safari Shorts
All my addons, for my addons not working and the only way I can get them back is to resub to all of them purposes.
Drake's addons
Collection by: kanetain2
My L4D2 collection
Collection by: Aherus
Ͼᵖ™٩(◕‿-)™Ͼᵖ Mod's Collection
Collection by: Ͼᵖ™
Ͼᵖ™٩(◕‿-)™Ͼᵖ Mod's Colleciton
Curent ingame collection
Collection by: huzk^
Cannot thank the MOD authors enough for keeping L4D2 interesting, pretty and enjoyable!
High res texture mods
Collection by: Bobobro
A collection of high res textures, what else?
Mods that make the game turn to Awesome!
Collection by: Sachiko Shinozaki
For people who can't findawesome mods!!!!!!! Credit for The people who made these mods :)
Collection by: Hedgehog
L4D2 - GUI, Reskins, & Maps
Collection by: m30w
My collection of GUI's, reskins and maps. Within the main collection there are: GUI, flashlight, graphic filters, crosshairs, etc. Subcategories include: - Audio/Sound - Guns (including weapon sound mods) - Items - Campaigns/Maps - Mutation...
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