Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Collection by: JRG007GUY
Left 4 Dead HD
Collection by: WantedRobot
Collection by: Snagglepuss
Collection by: sanduneboy
I love it.
Collection by: Riae
Left 4 Shit maps
Collection by: Mjay229
shit maps jk
L4D2 Miscellaneous
Collection by: Korgi
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Streaz
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Enster's Collection
Collection by: Enster
Just Stuff
L4D2 fun collection
Collection by: Demon Games
Just for a friend of mine. For the Portal 2 Font: Be advised that for current build of L4D2 & workshop, you need to use the following command to load it from console: alias reloadfont "mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1; mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 0" -yo...
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Retouch - Redone
Collection by: [s] drizzy
Retouches your Left 4 Dead 2 into a realistic HD world. I took things from the the HD collection I found and added some things while also removing unnecessary addons that made it not so good.
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: legitlycool
L4D2 Collection
Collection by: Necrobyte
Left 4 Dead HD Retouch
Collection by: xFallenAvenger
• DESCRIPTION: This list includes what I personally find to be the most complete list of the best HD mods (including weapons, retextures, UI, and more) for Left 4 Dead 2. For those who want a more real life approach while still maintaining the core aspe...
Collection by: B0LT
Just an experimental mod pack this may work.. maybe...
Collection by: Bagool
co op shit
Collection by: Zombie Gangster
L4D2 On LSD (HD!)
Collection by: mvhsowa
You are going to have one hell of a time playing Left for Dead! Mods will be added as they are discovered! Enjoy.
JazzHandz's Collection of fun
Collection by: JazzHandz
The mods i have installed that you should too to have a fun time.
dick butt
Collection by: BananaNutSurprise
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: redracer1411
Left 4 Dead 2 (Improved)
Collection by: Mr. Swanky
Much stuff
Collection by: Fridge Ghost
Makka Pakka my ass
For You Connor
Collection by: Gallahadnt
For my friend
Collection by: Obama bin Laden
HD and Better Graphics Pack
Collection by: DareBear
This adds better textures and graphics to your items and the environment in Left 4 Dead 2.
Collection by: Sir Congo
Reds | Basic Improvements | Collection
Collection by: RedKenrok
This collection is aimed and making the game look al little better and Improve it overall so it will still work with other mods, like character models etc. For more mods:
Collection by: Snoof Frog
Collection by: Pıng
L4D2 Workshop stuff I'm using.
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