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Left 4 Dead 2 Kram Nummer 2
Collection by Eddie Riggs
Collection by Blubbermage
LFD2 Mods
Collection by Jason
mods i like
Collection by bingobangobongo
Spoo-HD (Privat)
Collection by Spoo
Privat Collection
The Ultimate HD Collection
Collection by ThePedro004
All the files can be used together,it have some comflicts but you can use all together.
L4D2 w/Friends
Collection by Grizzly
For friends.
Left4Dead Clan collection
Collection by Invictus
A Better Left for Dead 2 Part 1 - Campaign & Color Correction
Collection by Dark_Raider
A Better Left for Dead 2 Part 1 Campaign & Color Correction Texture Updates
if you want to play with me
Collection by ThatAutisticHorseFucker
lizard Wizard Pack
Collection by Wergle
The Name was Christy's fault don't blame me! Oh also some of the files will say they're conflicting, but don't worry about that it still works.
Collection by Darkwinter
Subscribed Addons
Collection by coldblood3d
Franchi SPAS-12: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6471 Simple LED Flashlight v2: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/10227 VXL Vocalize: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6478
Collection by rosscopeko
I finally did this shit. I hate you all.
Return of the Apocalypse
For the few moments it came out of retirement, I made certain I would have the mods ready for next time.
My Subbed Collection
Collection by JsNuke
For Jagan to browse
Collection by OMG THATS HOT
The Indian's Guide to the Apocalypse
Collection by IndianLightning
Your gigabytes will be GONE.
Grand ALL-STARS Meeting
Collection by ØuterPath
Dont u want a FAPulous mix from different Games into > 1 < F@%&ing Game?, well here is it Logport: 0.01 - > Alien-Xenomorph replaced with ResidentEvil-Lepotitsia
Emperor Minilla's HD Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by Emperor Minilla
A list of my favorite visual and sound mods on the internet. Unfortnunately, some mods on this list are not in the workshop such as the Utility Truck http://www.gamemaps.com/details/8137 School Bus http://www.gamemaps.com/details/5936 BBC News http:/...
Backup Collection
Collection by The Simurgh
Basic Stuff
Collection by MrRegio
Laughs garanteed. Use it at your own risk.
My Add-ons for L4D2
Collection by YaBoyShifty
I do not claim any as my own.
L4D2 YK Collection
Collection by Yor Kaen
Dynaflame's Collection
Collection by Dynaflame
A collection of mods on the workshop I use personally. Everything here is relatively realistic, so you're not going find too many silly mods, sorry.
Danielgjok collection
Collection by danielgjok|Revoked GTA V WTF
my collection for personal use fell free to try it
Guedes747's Left4Dead2 Workshop Bundle
Collection by Guedes747
A collection of Left4Dead2 mods that contribute for a more 'colorful' in-game experience. I own none of these works.
Campaigns Smerg Uses
Collection by Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
wof™ Campaign mods often conflict with themselves, so just ignore that. Also contains a few campaign-specific mods that should be disabled when not playing said campaign (i.e Minecraft Special Infected)
All Non-Campaign Mods Smerg Uses
Collection by Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
wof wof Some of these mods conflict, so make sure you disable the ones you don't/won't use.
HD Stuff
Collection by ZaPPIER
Lots of HD mods!
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