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Containing item: "-Helms Deep- Reborn"
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Sroag's Collection
Collection by: Sroag
Me and my friends randomly trying a shit ton of mods, lol.
Left 4 Demo-Chan
Collection by: Mr Golding
Collection of Mods used by Demo in this video heeeeeeeeeere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v6aVIDxZOw LIST OF SHIT THAT CLASHES! 1. Cats and Warrior Bugs 2. L4D2 Vocaloid Survivors and Neptunia 8 Pack 3. DTB Dagger and Renas Hatchet 4. Shrek Tank...
Helms Deep Survival map and accompanying mods
Collection by: Captain Birdseye
Helms Deep map with some fun LOTR mods to accompany it! i do not own any of these items!
for lan lads
Collection by: jacken
just something i put together from Left 4 Dildos: 2 Kawaii to Live, Sugoi to Die
My Mods
Collection by: HampTheCoolest [PCMasterRace]
Collection by: 테오T
Dalty's Lord of The Rings collection!
Collection by: Gimli the ganker
FoxTech's Collection v1.03
Collection by: [FOX]FoxTech Not Streaming Today
A mix of all my favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that are all compatible with each other. This set of add-ons trys to keep the game play as close to the original as possible while retexturing as many things as possible in order to increase the overall ...
PandaNeko's Collection! >:D
Collection by: PandaNeko
Its Fun! :DDD
L4D2 Matt's Mods
Collection by: Majora
Collection by: Grant
Pack Mod Eucalipto
Collection by: Reverse
Queste sono tutte le mod che uso io... Scaricatevi quelle che vi piacciono e/o le mappe su cui vogliamo giocare
A Collection for Melly
Collection by: [FOX]FoxTech Not Streaming Today
Left 4 Dead 2: LOTR Edition
Collection by: Deafoice
Left 4 Dead 2: Lord Of The Rings Edition. A colection that will change mainly all zombie's look, turning them into Uruk Hai. The tank changes into a LOTR Troll, the jockey changes it's sounds for Golum's sounds, and many other changes! I hope you enjo...
Belkon's Collection
Collection by: Belkon
GGCP L4D2 set
Collection by: Dreadmaster231 - [GGCP/DML/NNM]
The Utility Belt
Collection by: The God Damn Batman
All of the campaigns and addons I currently use is in this collection. There are a couple of addons that aren't on the Workshop I use. Batman as Coach: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=15724 Ghostrider as Francis: http://www.l4dmaps.com/deta...
L4D2 Big Pack O' Random Mods
Collection by: |S00per| You'reVeryMoldy
I mod almost every aspect of Left 4 Dead 2 and switch mods very frequently. This list is also used to give proper mod names and credit for the mods used in my Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay videos.
for later
Collection by: The Luxurious John
Lotr Pack
Collection by: Fourkillmaster
Fun stuff
Rocking_Star101's Private Campaign Collection
Collection by: Rocking_Star101
This is a private collection of Campaigns & Maps I have Subscribed to for use by my Friends. ALL the Campaigns & Maps in this Collection are work of their respective Authors.
kolekcja Pandziocha
Collection by: Radioaktywny Punk
Lord of the rings Collection
Collection by: buiytre
Lord of Rings maps, re-skins, music.
Collection by: <GWF>marijn4687
Collection by: #forestnymph
Liabilities' Map Collection.
Sean's L4D2 Map List
Collection by: Spooky
NOTE: TURN OFF ALL OTHER ADDONS EXCEPT THE ONE BEING PLAYED TO AVOID CONFLICTS UNIQUE SURVIVAL: ◘ Helm's Deep Reborn (Evolving) ◘ Tanks Playground (Campaign + Evolving) ◘ Tank Challenge (Only Campaign) ◘ Tank Fever 5 (Only Campaign) ◘ Fa...
Space4Dead Collection
Collection by: Narothetics
Ness and Survivors! (Made before Ness and Friends 4!)
Collection by: Power Ruskie
Welcome to the Ness and Friends L4Dicks2 Addon pack! More will be added soon!
Collection by: Matthi025
Random l4d2 collection
Collection by: Lonewolf470
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