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Containing item: "The Transfusion"
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Collection by: Dead puppet girl
Collection by: deanne10
Just some ordinary *cough* not *cough* stuff
Collection by: DigitalStorm
Medic Wishlist
Collection by: immer. Arr!
Medic items I wish Valve approved for TF2.
Elite Sniper
Collection by: HawkEye
Collection by: Fruit Medley
Collection by: Knight Of The Obsidian Sword
Team Fortress 2 user created items that I find to be creative...
TF2 Weapons
Collection by: Phil McCrackin
Unique weapons for Team Fortress 2
TF2 Items Awesome
Collection by: YahooYann
My Personal Favorite Items id love to see added to the game
Atlas' Ultimate Item Collection
Collection by: GablesMcgee
Possibly the largest collection you've ever seen, with almost 200 items and growing! We constantly update, and all we want is the TF2 community to have better weapons to fight with, and new accessories to show off. Why not look through? You're bound to...
Collection by: Monkey Kombat
That's So Brilliant
Collection by: Bump
Hey Valve, heads up.
Marvelous Medic
Collection by: Dalton Spin
A collection of Items that I see are a must add for our favorite Medicinal Maniac... the Medic
The Medics Resupply Locker
Collection by: Jack Slendyington
The medics in battle right now,so lets look at his resupply locker.
The BraundenBurg
Collection by: ponyspenser
Whether it's from heavy against a spy, to a scout and a pyro you can always protect yourself from enemies that are always after you. This is an epic shottie that makes your enemies run in fear. Spy amongst your team? No prob. Scput trying to outrun you? B...
Weapon place
Collection by: rickeyracoon123
Tf2 Christmas 2012
Collection by: Dooudaa
Best Christmas Items for Team fortress 2
Medic goodies pack
Collection by: Chris
This is a pack of my favorite medic weapons Credit to autors the items are great !!!!! I didn't steal any idea or items I just made a pack of what workshop items I like to medic
Collection by: [HT] NEONmarshmallow
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