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Collection by godheadSkeptic
Super Ckagnazaroff Torchlight Pack
Collection by The Ckagnazaroff
Collection by Daisan
pochodnioweświatło dwa kopy
Collection by Chruppek
Ärisch und Marwän PÄCK
Collection by TechnoWolfEver[TRC]
Legolas approves
Collection by Duane Dibbley
Torch lighting
Collection by Moo
My Collection of Torchlight stoof.
Collection by HypnoToad
Torchlight 2 Mod Collection.
Cocks Collection
Collection by Dildo Hernandez
Torchlight 2 mod collection for multi with bro
Collection by KnightMaster
Torchlight 2 mod collection for multi with bro
Torchlight Favorite Mods
Collection by Al Sah-Him
torchlight 2 extreme
Collection by awesome george
a selection of mods i use in torchlight 2 have fun! :)
Collection by Sarcastic Potato
Mods i use
Collection by Nobody Special
Collection by Birchifyed
Fuck Cho
Collection by Tylevian (Darius Bradley)
So you wanna play with me huh
Collection by Ido
If you're a friend of the IGOD OMEGA this is sure to please :^) "Illuminati Allegiant." -Hoberdoger 2014
Shadow's Box V0.0.1
Collection by Psychu hehe
Torchlight II
Collection by VLP
Torchlight II Mods
Collection by Psychh
Classes, didnt make em
Torchlight 2
Collection by bullwye_cam
Torchlite Multi
Collection by Cutlass And Clean
Torchlight 2 Mod order and list
Collection by Atomic Phase
List and order for Torchlight 2 mods
Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by mr.royman56
Yeah uh and stuffz diggity diggity yo dawg political word :)
Torchlight 2 Essentials
Collection by Tsetzuko
Collection of mods that add to T2 without making it all wonky.
Volfire x Kiyfire Mods
Collection by Master Volfire
Mods for multiplayer torchlight Team Ups
Mods to play w/Friends
Collection by Red
Swag Pack
Collection by Wild & Mild
Destroyer Central!
Collection by ρλαηjαm
The Destroyer class isn't in the vanilla Torchlight II game, but there are a number of mods which make him playable in TL2. I wanted to promote the Destroyer some more to TL2 players who may not be familiar with the class. So I made this page to collect...
Mr. Allard's Mod Collection
Collection by Mr. Allard
These are the mods i've used in my playthroughs. They're listed in the, (top down), load order that i've found to work best.
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