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One Zombie's List of Just Plain Awesome Mods
Collection by: asfghn
Hello there! I cannot remember my birth name, but my zombie name is asfghn. It is very nice to make your acquaintance! You could call me an ambassador for my race. Even the most stalwart zombie hunters amongst you must admit that we have been shot, blo...
My Favourite Dred Mods
Collection by: mrfool
A collection of awesome mods I found! Try them all! Greatly improves your Dred experience!
Strikerbolt's Handy NotBorked Skillset
Collection by: EM2 Strikerbolt
What's this collection? ONLY A COMPACT PILE OF ALL THE AWESOME, (non-broken), TOTALLY USEFUL, AND (mostly) ALL CAPS COLLECTON OF THINGS THAT ARE FOR Dungeons of Dredmor. If the use of caps lock above doesn't interest you, I'm not sure what will. At...
Gobash's Collection
Collection by: Not Your Average Polar Bear
Just for me
dread DoD ++
Collection by: [Nocturnal]Daemoria
just a collection of 'lore friendly' updates that remain balanced to the basic gameplay.
Valzi's Favorite Dredmor Mods
Collection by: Valzi
This is just my personal collection of favorite mods.
Collection by: 丂レムリ乇尺 ☣
Dogstar's Big Bag Of Everything
Collection by: PratzStrike
The official Vent Crew bag of all useable DoD mods.
Collection by: Terminator2151
For Ty
tart's choice mods
Collection by: Erwin Masser the Juden Gasser
yes best mods
slightly unstable pack of many mods
Collection by: motoast
Most of the mods for the game. Not balanced or stable but it is a hell of a lot of fun.
Stuff Weaver Is Using Dreadmor
Collection by: Weaver
It's ... stuff... that I like
Collection by: Blackbird
Created due to bugs
My mods
Collection by: Nah(?) Queen of The Humans
These are the mods i have
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