Dungeons of Dredmor
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Collection by: Blackbird
Created due to bugs
Stuff Weaver Is Using Dreadmor
Collection by: Weaver
It's ... stuff... that I like
Collection by: holy dogelord
my stuff
tart's choice mods
Collection by: Stros M'kai
yes best mods
slightly unstable pack of many mods
Collection by: motoast
Most of the mods for the game. Not balanced or stable but it is a hell of a lot of fun.
Collection by: Jammyguy54
Modz that i think are cool
Random good Mods
Collection by: tomalexi
Just went through the better rated mods and chose some interesting ones that might fit together to add more content. More items, more skills, more rooms, more everything. They shouldnt be super imbalanced and shouldnt break the game. If one of them is, le...
Collection by: Terminator2151
For Ty
As the Worm Turns
Collection by: asfghn
If your name is not Dani, this collection should not interest you in the slightest. (No, really. I mean it. Hi, Dani! ♥)
Sadistic diggles make you starve
Collection by: Sebhix
I realy don't want to make the game easier.
My Favourite Dred Mods
Collection by: mrfool
A collection of awesome mods I found! Try them all! Greatly improves your Dred experience!
Gary's Dungeons of Gruntmor Collection
Collection by: An Infinite Number of Monkeys
Collection by: JackWitherell
One Zombie's List of Just Plain Awesome Mods
Collection by: asfghn
Hello there! I cannot remember my birth name, but my zombie name is asfghn. It is very nice to make your acquaintance! You could call me an ambassador for my race. Even the most stalwart zombie hunters amongst you must admit that we have been shot, blo...
Expansion of Life
Collection by: __
just for friends
Angrybrit's Dredmor Must have's
Collection by: Brit
Some stuff you guys should try.
Rare's Fun Box
Collection by: Rareᴭᴺ
Vanilla DoD add-ons (no butcher32.png error)
Collection by: Trinidad
Tired of getting errors talking about butcher32.png? Those are add-ons that only require vanilla Dungeons of Dredmor :)
Collection by: 丂レムリ乇尺 ☢
Dr. Leon Sisk's Almighty Stash
Collection by: Dr. Leon Sisk
A simple collection of workshop mods i use.
dread DoD ++
Collection by: [Nocturnal]Daemoria
just a collection of 'lore friendly' updates that remain balanced to the basic gameplay.
Bluehinter's Unsolicited Enlargement Pack
Collection by: Blue Hinter
This collection of brand new items and abilities may be starting small, but will soon grow to massive proportions, or your money back! Completed additions: DRAMA QUEEN (Rogue ability) BOWIEMANCY (Wizard ability) MONSTROUS MEGA PACK (A brand new un...
Gobash's Collection
Collection by: Fluffy Bunnies the Desktopless
Just for me
Craft'n'Smelt *Shiny Addition*
Collection by: DungeonRyu
Advanced Craft'n'Smelt and Craft'n'Smelt Light mods. These are mostly identical mods, light is a bit easier and more suited for No Time to Grind mode. DO NOT USE THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. These mods will help you smelt any junk you can find in the du...
Valzi's Favorite Dredmor Mods
Collection by: Valzi
This is just my personal collection of favorite mods.
SwiftCrack's collection of DoD essentials!
Collection by: [LUE] SwiftCrack
These are the eight 'must have' mods for Dungeons of Dredmor in my personal opinion. They add extra mage classes for the respective missing elements (air, water and lightning) and provide some good expansion to the core game content (DoD itempack, extra b...
DJ's DoD Complete
Collection by: Sauvagess
My personal opinion as to which mods should be included in the game to make it feel even more...complete!
Bunch o' Skills
Collection by: Bokardia
A comprehensive list of DoD skill mods. If you don't see your skill mod on the list, and would like me to add it, shoot me a msg! Not sure if they'll all work together at the same time, as I usually just turn the one's that I want to play on, and the r...
Kaerius' Release Pack
Collection by: Kaerius
This collection has the mods I've released as Aegho/Kaerius. Skill mods: Galactic Hitchhiker Circus Freak Hermetic Gadgetry Inventory management mod: Crafter's Helper
Best Gameplay Enhancement Mods
Collection by: Ofdensen
From new skills, to entirely new classes and crafting, this collection is the perfect balance of RPG enhancement without being overwhelmed by way too many mods. *Note* Some mods require the expansion.
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