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Musthave titles
Collection by: passenger
my top list
Greenlight Games
Collection by: CapnMikeM
Games I'm looking forward to playing.
Collection by: Power monger
Awesome Games
Collection by: Ω|GR|Ω GodLikeReaper
My collections
Collection by: nxD.Monster
My genre games which i love to play :))
Collection by: T4nk'
Coolest Greenlights - Please Read em ;)
Collection by: Jackyyy
This is where my favorite games that I like and have been Green-Lighted. Stay tuned for my favorite games :D <3 (Not like someone is going to stalk this collection.. ) Abom<3 :D :3
Collection by: rockhog
Games to get!
Collection by: Tyy
Cool looking Games!
Interesting Stuff
Collection by: [FYAD] MindlessMe
United Federation Of Awesomeness
Collection by: MortalPanda
These are Awesome, help them get greenlight
Collection by: Natas
Collection 1
Collection by: Demented Sandwich
My collection, yeah.
Greenlight Favorites
Collection by: Sun
Games To Watch For
Collection by: evanc1998
These are the games to watch out for.
op games
Collection by: Cb4ss
opopopopop games FTW!
Greenlight games
Collection by: Brentrow
green light games.
Best games you will ever play,legit!!
Collection by: mikey_d_48
Collection by: Cyridae
my fav games
Collection by: ilovecamels64
horror,simulatoin,pretty much all games
Collection by: Infinity Guy
Collection by: Retronaut42
Everything I want on my wishlist.
MUSTPLAY: Horror Games
Collection by: Cecil
All of the best, highly recommended horror experiences in the indie scene.
Steam Collection
Collection by: AleksRanisavljev
This is a collection of interesting games, software etc. I put this together myself. I hope you enjoy!
MUSTPLAY: Cecil's Choice
Collection by: Cecil
Embrace diversity. Enjoy!
Faolan’s Choice
Collection by: FaolanHart
Let’s face it, the vast majority of games on Greenlight are awful. I’ve gone through every game on Greenlight since it started & I’m mostly frustrated with seeing basically the same kind of games over & over & I’m sure I’m not the only one. Mi...
Adventure games
Collection by: Manny
Hum, interesting..
Collection by: schulleck
Interesting concepts.
<<< Loka´s Best Ever >>>
Collection by: loko23
quer durch die bank, mmo, shooter, action, fun and so on...
A Collection
Collection by: Pricenberg.
My first collection.
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