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Queen Chrysalis Collection
Collection by Lori Easter ITA
Italiano: Questa è la Mia Collezione e vuol dire che questi videogiochi devono arrivare sul Negozio Steam perchè se lo Meritano. English: This is My Collection and means that these games should arrive on the Steam store because if I deserve.
Underrated Greenlight Goodness
Collection by Drixxel
These selected titles from amongst the hungriest on Greenlight look pretty dang sweet, IMO. On basis of perceived worthy-of-your-timeness and unavoidably subjective taste, these are a bunch of sweet indies that I think could really thrive on a large, stea...
Collection by garden_90
Es uno de los mejores juegos online que he jugado-
Famous Games
Collection by NeroBrony
Whether it's from controversy or popularity, these games are famous!
DJ Tux's Wishlist
Collection by 4ud10junk13
Linux is getting a lot of love and here's a collection of some great items. Please be sure to rate up the items you want to see made available via Steam for Linux.
Games I Like
Collection by thepronto
Games I have dreamed of playing or think I will like
Collection by LittleBlackRainCloud
Favorites from Greenlight, enjoy!
Collection by
QUALITY games, made by QUALITY people. Please support and buy to make them profits and download the games to enjoy and have a happy day today.
Collection by iDisOrder
I Can't Believe Someone Actually Created This Crap!~ What's Worse You Say?~ The Community Actually Greenlit Some Of This Garbage!
Collection by blue_mooody
My best game ever ElswordOnline
Collection by Rocko
New shit
Collection by d3drringr
New fucking shit.
Games I hope to be greenlit
Collection by `ƒƒ´ C!ruTron
A collection of games I have from indie bundles that I bought in the past and I wish to be launched in Steam.
The BEST games to murder your parents to.
Collection by
Everybody wants to kill their parents at some point in their life. If you never wanted to kill your parents why the fuck are you reading this? Below are some nice simple and creative games to kill your parents to, but first if you are a little bit unsur...
Collection by That Guy
Collection by BeelzebubGiltine
sa sa sa sa sa
Stuff that NEEDS to be funded and made C:
Collection by Hamsteak
So yeah stuff that needs to be funded C: And I hope the Homestuck kickstarter game appears on steam becAUSE I NEED IT\ so yeh c:
Manga fan
Collection by iRasetsu
These are the games i like the best and no one can change my opinion!
Titles Worth Your Time
Collection by Matias
Titles that are totally worth your time. All in one complete Greenlight Guide for the lazy.
Collection by MrCalavera
Juegos de Greenlight
Collection by Djangar
Collection by FUKHEAD
OP Ideas!
Collection by Misfit
Some Genial Games,that i've found at greenlight! xD
Collection by TalipedCornetGaming
GhostlyNut's Collection
Collection by ALEXSMART
The stuff I like
My Games!
Collection by Bryan - Lone Coder
Collection by Boom$t!ck
Collection by Băng Băng
GL Collection
Collection by Спиро
Коллекция для разнообразных предметов и прочего по просьбе GL
Awesome Gamez
Collection by ♗XxPhantomRoguexX♝
Just some Gamez :D
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