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#Based Titles
Collection by: |Pipe Dreams| #Based
Must have, want, NOW
Collection by: blimey69
Proper SIMS, or good ideas
Ones to Watch
Collection by: Drozbot
Collection by: FULIM
giochi che mi picciono su greenlight
Epic Conclusion Gaming Collection
Collection by: cy5000
These are games that have been on the podcast.
My chosen ones...
Collection by: Lunette
This collection of games are the ones that are destined to appear on Steam gradually increasing in popularity and power. Check it out and see if you like any of the games that I like!
Le mie scelte
Collection by: Avengio
RAndom stuff
indépendants à acheter
Collection by: wooke
Je cherche des jeux de survie, aléatoire, rpg, monde ouvert,... ce genre là plus ou moins.
Batch 2014-11-21 ~ 2014-11-28
Collection by: Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-11-21 to 2014-11-28.
Collection by: kord202
Сюда я складываю самое желаемое
Collection by: Boerner
old school . . .
GreenLighT games
Collection by: Moon1ight
GreenLighT games
Collection by: IRISH POTATO3S
Profecias do Felix
Collection by: Felix
Jogos que trarão inovações ao mundo dos games.
GreenLight Wishlist
Collection by: Blaz3r
A collection of games I've been watching on Green Light, and hope I get to play once they're released.
Collection by: TaSManiaC
gaems ahh finds eenteresting
Collection by: rixseu
Collection by: greenmuffin1
Collection by: zmaxl
grenlight games
Collection by: termi8tor
just games off green light not mine but there great
Collection by: Larra_
Misc Vids
Collection by: artemixez
My random Stash thanks to the web
Collection by: #DilmaTerrorista¬
Nice itens!!!!
Collection by: pinkenjoi8
Morbid fascination
Collection by: untitled.txt
Always look on the dark side of life, lalalalalala~
Fumferknuckles Fun Collection
Collection by: Fumferknuckle
In FFC, you can find anything from scary horror games, to 2D platformers, or even editing software! This collection of games and software will have anything and everything that I think is worth trying!
Game I should get
Collection by: PhuGamer4life
Game in Greenlight that really I should get when it's coming out
Jeux favoris
Collection by: Taykou
Indies you have to play before you die
Collection by: -AoR-
This collection contains distinguished indies from all genres, which I would suggest every people who is interested in gaming. I don't play every title here by myself yet ... but I will before I die. ;) What are the criterions that a game will be p...
These are the champions ;)
Collection by: nninx
Greenlight items I want to see made, play or even see them on the steam sale. They sure deserve it more than any cheap reskined quick money-grabber we've all had a displeasure to meet on steam.
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