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Collection by: Zifu
Mi lista
Collection by: [8oD]-Powers
Intriguing Adventure Games
Collection by: adularia25
These are interesting adventure games that I would love to sink my teeth (and time) into. These are games with art I find to be unique, lovely or fitting to the style of the game. These are games with what looks to be a solid story with strong chara...
IndieRoyale Purchases
Collection by: IceShot
The games I buy from Desura that are on the Steam Greenlight which I will get as soon as they are Greenlit.
Collection by: Moskar!
Obras maestras infravaloradas por el celuloide.
Collection by: fabiancafe
W tej kolekcji znajdziemy produkty, na które czekam, aż zostaną wydane, aby je przetestować :)
Collection by: Danyar
Interesting =D
Collection by: MrMirage1993
Something I would buy based on Graphic, Gameplay & Storyline
Collection by: toni-81
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