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Psychedelic ROCK Yoga
Collection by Serious Kurwa
Worship the beauty of the Rock
Collection by Den7707
Collection by M3
its just awesome
Best Games
Collection by jmjovan59
Collection by Unreal System
greenlight lista
Collection by Valox entreterimentos
Mindez's Greenlight Picks
Collection by Mindez
I'm a Let's Player on Youtube and these are the games I'd most like to see on Greenlight come to Steam!
Saucy's List of 'Simulation' Games That He Finds Most Exciting
Collection by [Real Crumbs] Saucy
These are games I found within 'Simulation' that I am most excited about.
Luigi's favorites
Collection by Luigisopa
Personal favorite gems on Greenlight :D Most of them need more upvotes... TOP 10 Games: A Walk in the Dark Anodyne (Demo included!) Box Life InFlux Incredipede Delver qrth-phyl TowerClimb Snayke Miasmata
Collection by [dse]Circlestrafe
Any and all horror themed games from Sci-fi, Zombie, name it, that look like they'll actually deliver on scaring the hell out of you!
My list of games to greenlight
Collection by bondpat
These games deserve that green light!
Collection by Risugami
Collection by Ke♫z
Nothing information for now...
Elondon23 GREENLIGHT Selection
Collection by =Gd@=ELONDON23FR
La collection de jeux de ELONDON23 GRENLIGHT réunis les jeux à fort potentielle de jeux. Un gameplay fun, d'action ou un jeux de stratégy ou gestion avec un profond potentielle. The game collection of games together ELONDON23 GRENLIGHT high potentia...
Interesting Apps
Collection by clarence.nortan
Things that I find interesying and will do research on
Collection by Derpman1
for games that r inreasting
Collection by XxMiguelithoxX
la mejor
-99-s Collection of Greenlight Stuff
Collection by [DVZ] - -99-
My Greenlight
Collection by INET 4 - MLeNoSH
Collection by domokun
Collection by Princess Nightmare Moon
this collections is for the games i like in the Greenlight
Great Games
Collection by CloudMaster
This all bunch of Great Games
Collection by .arkadij=0000=
actually not
Collection by [A]ll Pig
for level
Eternity Entertainment
Collection by [SSA] Slumpdog
This is all our current games on steam.
Bad Games
Collection by The Gurkin
Hell yeah
Collection by Isabelle [Promisicuous Raptor]
Man I don't know it just has some bombass shit man
BULLy Collection
Collection by Aus_BULLy
Here is a collection of Steam GreenLight games I am watching out for upon their release! Kindly throw each one a FOLLOW, to let the developers know you're interested too!
Historic War Games
Collection by NightMorph
This is a collection of Historical wargames, which includes FPS, Strategy, Grand Strategy, and action titles. As new war games appear on Greenlight, they will be added here.
Batch 2014-11-29 ~ 2014-12-05
Collection by Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-11-29 to 2014-12-05.
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