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Collection by Spades
HaxeFlixel Games
Collection by STVR
A collection of games made using HaxeFlixel!
Juegos Greenlight
Collection by Rakashis
Juegos que me llaman la atención en greenlight, iré colocando más en la lista a medida que los vaya viendo. :)
Green Light Games (GLG)
Collection by Flanders™
A few Video Games I have bunched together
Rogue's Greenlight List
Collection by @, the Rogue
The games I already bought. This list is mostly for personal use.
8 bits
Collection by Pigmonkey4345
Games I Have Recorded
Collection by Xel'crin
This collection contains games I have recorded for my Youtube channel in order to try out and hopefully help support the game in this collection so that they can get Greenlighted on Steam. If any developer wants me to take down a video please contact me r...
Выбираю ради интересса
Collection by MedvedZK
Все ради уровня. такова судьба=))_)
Collection by Sizr_den
top hry co bych rad do steamu :D
Sylvester Collection
Collection by Sylvester the Cat
Много всяких классных штук...
Games you don't want to miss
Collection by 777eza
Games you really don't want to miss, I mean it.
future pros!
Collection by Samurai Fruit Punch
awesome stuff
mods that should be games
Collection by Teh Browniemixx
this collection will contain certain things, that I hope to play in the near future
Greenlight! {^,=.^}
Collection by Zilla the Fuzzball
This is where I shall pop all of the Greenlight games I hope will become available here on Steam one day!
Collection by Drawn Man™
Gamezebo Greenlight Spotlight
Collection by Jim Squires
A selection of games hand-picked by the Gamezebo staff as being worthy of your upvotes, this collection includes games that have been featured in our Greenlight Spotlight series, as well as games that we've yet to feature (but are keeping an eye on). htt...
Collection by Marius Pyrope ◥▶◀◤ ︻デ═一
random idea
Ma Select'
Collection by Gun<3 aka. Xandus
trachy's Collection
Collection by trachy
Just a collection of games that I think look good.
CGSColin's Awesome List of Awesome Greenlight Games You Should Check Out
Collection by CGSColin
These are games that I personally find interesting and think they are deserving of being on Steam. Some of them are made by friends of mine, but they're probably still pretty cool despite that. You should check them out and vote on them. I won't even be m...
Things i think will be cool...hopefully
Collection by Johnny Jimmy Johnathen Joestar
This is a collection of stuff that i think will be really cool and good (hopefully) when they are finished. Alot of interesting stuff going on
Collection by iamcreasy
My pick within Greenlight
Top Greenlit Games
Collection by Lowbob.
These are my personal favourite Greenlit games.
Looking forward to playing these games
Collection by Chichi
Some of the games I voted for in Greenlight.
Frank's Mac Games To Watch
Collection by Franky
Hey all! So, after many years of being a dedicated PC and console gamer, I've forgone all my gaming rigs and machines in favor of... a Macbook. I know, I know. Sacrilege. The fact is, where I'm at in my life now, I've only a need for my mobile iDevices an...
Mgamer's Collection
Collection by Mgamer
A list of games I think should be on Steam
Collection by Voxelman
Just a a collection of the games I think should be on Steam
Things I like
Collection by Mew League Gamer
Things I like and that should be on Steam
Collection by Artan
juegos de greenlgiht que me gustan . lel.
Games to be interested in
Collection by Kassy1536
New games coming soon. look interesting
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