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Die Sammlung
Collection by Amigoe
The Name Of The Game
Collection by deliciousfiction
These are games that I am interested in for one reason or another. I am a gamer who is interested in games that are usually dark, story driven,are about exploration, and are beautifully rendered.Not everything in this collection will be as described but va
Collection by Eezo
These are games that, as a game developer myself, draw inspiration from. Not only the game, but also the process by which they are going through Greenlight, development, and interacting with the community.
Tiki's Top Spotlights
Collection by [SG] TikiShades
I'm a big fan of RPG games, as well as games that make you think in general. These are a collection of titles that I think have some real artistic quality and present something we haven't seen (or at least not enough). Some games are made to sell, but the
Sheep Box
Collection by {~BtS~} ൹ornĮɲ❡ȿ
Collection by EL P4NT3RA
Downloadable Contentment: Looking Forward
Collection by Rayne Shepard
This is a collection of games that I want to keep an eye out for and hopefully write about.
Relax Games
Collection by EternalPenguin
These are easy games that I can play but not stress over.
Hard ; j
Collection by Nikola Tesla
10 years Memento
Collection by HolyLeaf
For waiting ~ 一段灿烂的回忆,一个冬日的故事 ~
Top Collection
Collection by Ewokold
According to me
Indie Gems
Collection by spicey boi!!!
Indie concepts that are fantastic.
Collection by 汚れたパンケーキ
Simply Epic Games
Collection by AgentSabreWolf
Ranging from intense first person shooters to dynamic open worlds.
Ones to Watch
Collection by Drozbot
Ma choice
Collection by Terra
Collection by TheDogArmyELITE
All FNaF games and other awseome games are allowed in this collection. ESPECIALLY FNaF. XD
Epic Conclusion Gaming Collection
Collection by ECG Notastoner
These are games that have been on the podcast.
GL okiniiri
Collection by Shantotto
Collection by Spalterschwanz
крутая коллекция!
Collection by Puck you !
The horror of greenlight
Collection by zinto
There are horror games in greenlight. And some of them are really good. I want those good wants to get noticed. So heres some that definately get my vote!
Коллекция MeatThrasher
Collection by MeatThrasher
Что вам тут надо?
Collection by kord202
Сюда я складываю самое желаемое
Shmups&Spaceship combat
Collection by Binco
Gradiusとか首領蜂とかWing Commanderとかそういうのです
Collection by Dirty Damo
Stuff dat look cool yo
Good Game For My //// Jó Játékok Nekem
Collection by ^_^K0mpeX™
Lövöldözös , akció , multiplayer játékok!!!
Gladius39's collection
Collection by Gladius39
Not set...
Jogos Bons q eu qro jogar
Collection by DAVIXD1250
FTP ligais pra eu jogar
Collection by Bumbefly Sony Test םו
Socks. Mostly Socks with an O and a bit with a U. For this collection is started to test Favoriting problems (incl. favoriting Greenlight items) that arose with the dreaded Steam update of the 12th of August 2015 (equal update for both Beta and Release
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