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Space Flight/Shooters
Collection by: retrofuture
Space Shooters, some with RPG elements. Think Elite ,Freespace, X etc., through to Strike Suit Zero.
Horror Games
Collection by: SharpShot.gif
Here is a list of games I think are the most amazing looking.
Meine Lieblings Greenlight Spiele
Collection by: Faulpelz007 [DDESC]
Purchased Games
Collection by: chanandler
Just a collection of games I have bought outside of Steam, but with Greenlight links.
Must Get Greenlit
Collection by: Ouiija
Recommended Greenlight Games
Collection by: theghosteleven
These are simply games recommended to me by friends that I would be interested in.
HalvDawg's Treasury
Collection by: HalvDawg
Mix of random games I'm trying out or have shown some interest in...
Great Games
Collection by: ilbrewer
Collection by: the game crasher
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