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Tasty Whale's Picks!
Collection by: TastyWhale
These are the games that Tasty Whale demands you pay attention to! Not everything TW upvotes, but the things YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR TOO!
one in a million - INDIE GAMES
Collection by: bar.pys
My collection will show the Indie games which are worth playing- obviously this is only MY OWN opinion. The opinion was made after having played alpha/beta/whatnot version of those games so its not based purely on the description/videos but actuall gam...
Collection by: WaterFear
Da Collection of Promising Things
Collection by: Captain Karsh't Slaughtah
awsome collection
Collection by: [BCS] Colbot
2D Games Forever!
Collection by: Nimbus
I'm a child of the 16-bit era and I will always have a soft spot for pixel art. These listings here prove to us that the era of 2D games will never die! There are still plenty of amazing 2D pixel artists out there, and this list is meant to celebrate that...
The Good Stuff
Collection by: phatboy812
Helpful Knowledge
Sui Generis
Collection by: SweetPoison
Some most unique and interesting games
Games made in Spain
Collection by: Mispgames
Only videogames developed in Spain
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