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Collection by Foruxar
mariomans collection
Collection by MARIOMAN6444
this is some of the games and stuff mario likes...
Epic Games yet!
Collection by XxGhillieSniperxX
Challak: Platformer
Collection by Challak
A collection of notable platformers on Steam Greenlight. This collection will adhere -for the most part- to the standard accepted definition. A platform game (or platformer) is a video game which involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended pl...
Now These are Games!
Collection by AJ1AJ
These are games that are worthy to be games :)
Collection by angel
Collection by DJ Oleg
Колекция игр
game all
Collection by shnurok99
Games I helped BETA test
Collection by Sentry Gun (Jman =TPF=)
This Collection is games I have BETA tested
La Troupe Workshop collection
Collection by Eweary4Play TV
Brainy Studio Indie Friends
Collection by Brainy Studio
Check out awesome indie games from friends of Brainy Studio.
Team Awesome Awesomeness's Games to Vote For
Collection by fisH
The best of the best Indie games that we can't wait to play and deserve your love as well.
La Troupe Collection
Collection by Eweary4Play TV
Source Mods
Collection by J o n e x
A collection of Source engine and Gold Source engine mods looking to be/already released on Steam.
Játékok Magyar Fejlesztőktől - Greenlight
Collection by kazerniel
Magyar fejlesztők közreműködésével készült játékok / Games from Hungarian developers
Collection by Злой Нига
LV item
Collection by Макс
EH™ ❿
Collection by Matthias Hoigné
Collection by Castiel
Upcoming games
Collection by Fl1tS
A list of upcoming games that took my interest.
Shoot em ups to gary's mod
Collection by Pink and Fluffy.
Will be on counter strike for hours then I feel like making some maps for it on sdk
Greenlight Games
Collection by The Ancyent Marinere
Games on Greenlight that look Promising, Affordable and Fun. :D
Collection by jindomino
35MM Beta
Collection by ☜Schmid БРИГАДА-RP☞
Wytek game's
Collection by pop_174
Space real-time, exploration.
Collection by Grobbs
Open worlds all types of celestial objects are represented: galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and asteroids. Mind blowing games.
Collection by Justin_CupCake
A collection of wonderful looking indie games i plan on streaming
Top 20 Greenlight Games
Collection by nykodeamus
Just a list of games I believe should be Greenlit!
good games
Collection by CONNOR
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