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Loves it
Collection by: ars0407
Just got onto steam but i love it already Loves It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by: Nieskalany
United Styles Crew Greenlight Collection
Collection by: USC-President
at the momment in this list you will only find games USCpresident will want to stream LIVE. The multiplayer Co-Op type of games will be most of the list.
Collection by: Drake
A collection of the best legitimate games on Steam GreenLight
Retro Games with Pixelated Graphics
Collection by: DeathSparks
These games are all stylized in an 8-bit/16-bit styled game with Pixelated graphics similar to the style of graphics found in many retro consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, etc.
Composer for
Collection by: Saskrotch
Games I have or will do the music for. This is real new so it'll probably be tiny forever.
Stone Games
Collection by: stoneneo
Collection by: _Tristan_900
The Very Best
Collection by: MrPaulx
Simplesmente ser a "The Very Best" kkkkkkkkkk'
Collection by: RusGamer
Free to Play
Collection by: Rotsen
gry indie
Collection by: banan07002
Najstraszniejsze gry wydawane na platformie Steam!
Collection by: Folteon
Greenlight Collections
Collection by: Meowskers
Kill fun YEAH!!
Horror Survival Games
Collection by: StatTrak™ Terorist_CS # Romania
My collection of Horror Survival Games.
Greenlight Wishlist
Collection by: j4MES84
Trothmasters collection
Collection by: trothmaster
There is nothing special here.
GMod Server Collection
Collection by: TheDudeWhoAbides
-The AZK Collection-
Collection by: AZK Hitman
Different variety of games, scary, adventure, puzzle, shooters, and platformers.
The Greenlight Collection
Collection by: Forrest Dump
Here is my collection from Steam Greenlight. I collect the things from the GreenLight and I add it here (I only add the things that look cool to me). Feel free to look in my collection, Enjoy.
Give your collection a title
Collection by: drewbearsketch
Describe your collection Use this space to describe your collection and what makes it interesting.
Can Has
Collection by: Prince Awesome
Greenlit Games that look particularly badass.
My Collection!
Collection by: pizza.shiero
O p e n s p a c e s
Collection by: Violence Killer.
Games related to the subject of the blog O p e n s p a c e s :
Games to play
Collection by: briannaaaw
Collection by: Kudryash
Россия Рулит
Arena FPS Greenlight Collection
Collection by: xeroslash
An assorted collection of arena shooters on Steam Greenlight.
Mike's Top Collection
Collection by: Neonfox
Top Indie Collection
Survival Horror
Collection by: amiaram
Se eu estou fazendo isso certo, aqui eu adicionarei games survival horror, dando preferência aos br.
Collection by: amy97amy
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