Steam Greenlight
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Collection by UNO
Lekkie gry
Collection by Amaz
najlepsza !
Eager to Greenlight
Collection by LesInk
A list of games I want to see Greenlight on Steam.
General Pop: GreenLight Collection
Collection by Paschendal
Check out our collection of Steam GreenLight games that we are keeping an eye on. Listen to our weekly PodCast to find out what we have discovered and keep track of our collection! https://
Классные игры Greenlight
Collection by Torrent Protector
Игры, которые на мой взгляд, обязаны добавить в Steam.
Greenlight Seeker
Collection by Matik452002
The Greenlight games in this collection are very good and should be released on Steam!
Exploration GreenLight
Collection by bonehurtingjuice
A collection of stuff based on exploration games.
Nice Games
Collection by Warga
Collection by Miku Hatsune ~ LFT6sOpen
It is all the Greenlight stuff I like.
Awesome Games
Collection by Hazzie Nexus
Awesome games
my greenlight collection
Collection by hhhhhh
Greenlight Games
Collection by blackstar74
Greenlit Games
Collection by djole381
Moja kolekcija odobrenih igara
Collection by es
A Collection
Collection by Garland Green
Collection by radrian26
Nothing that special save for these are games I'm looking forward to playing.
Great Greenlight games
Collection by IchibanPancakes
Only quality Greenlight titles here.
Greenlight games
Collection by PLANTROON
Games that I'd like to see on Steam
My Steam Greenlight Games
Collection by My Chaos
Collection by nastika
Need steam key
Greenlight Wishlist
Collection by Puritan74
The title of this collection is pretty self explanatory, these are the games from Greenlight that I like the sound of and would be very interested in playing.
Collection by chaterineb
Greenlight these games!
Collection by Sacko
Promising Greenlights
Collection by Apropos
Greenlights that look interesting, and need support!
Collection by Slendersden
Collection by ogribus2
Collection by ScrolL
Oh! My wishlist on Greenlight
Collection by Nagi Akiba
This is my wishlist on Greenlight. Most of them are Japnese style games. ヽ(*´・ω・`*)ノ Background form: ©2012-2015 charliehero
super gry
Collection by the_WoGo
Collection by LionHeart
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