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Cat ^_^
Collection by Mr. Cat *_*
Georgia Games
Collection by hdiandrew
Georgia has the seventh largest game development community in the country, producing numerous innovative games. Support the developers' creations through this collection, and join us at SIEGE ( in October.
Games with potential.
Collection by Pogboom💣
IDK I'm 13.
VC's Most Anticipated Greenlight Games
Collection by poong
Here is where I put the Greenlight games that I believe stand out of the crowd. Who knows, you may find something that interests you here as well! -DISCLAIMER- This list is made up entirely based on my opinion on what games I want to see on Steam. This
Ye Boi
Collection by Elljoda | M ❤ WHITE TRASH
Good Greenlight games
Collection by Benneth II
Action/creative games will go into here. None of these will be anime or bad/stupid/innapropriate games.
Collection by Disco Duck
Fun games
Collection by The_Dutch_Wookie
Test collection of what i rate decent up and comers
Interesting & Good
Collection by [TFK] RabbidRabbits
These games are upcoming and well done, interesting in their own ways and have alot of opportunity.
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