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Green light collcection!
Collection by Cracker
WHere all my greenlit collections go!
Collection by radrian26
Nothing that special save for these are games I'm looking forward to playing.
Great Greenlight games
Collection by IchibanPancakes
Only quality Greenlight titles here.
Greenlight games
Collection by PLANTROON
Games that I'd like to see on Steam
Collection by Slendersden
Collection by ogribus2
Oh! My wishlist on Greenlight
Collection by Nagi Akiba
This is my wishlist on Greenlight. Most of them are Japnese style games. ヽ(*´・ω・`*)ノ Background form: ©2012-2015 charliehero
Collection by nastika
Need steam key
Greenlight Wishlist
Collection by Puritan74
The title of this collection is pretty self explanatory, these are the games from Greenlight that I like the sound of and would be very interested in playing.
Collection by chaterineb
Greenlight these games!
Collection by Sacko
Promising Greenlights
Collection by Cherno Alpha
Greenlights that look interesting, and need support!
Collection by VAC BAN
Collection by Bl4ckH4wkHD
Greenlit and Followed
Collection by NazT_DragN
Just a collection of games that I'm looking forward to seeing, and that I think deserve to be followed. I am a great believer of start-ups, and don't mind investing in those I find worthy.
greenlit games
Collection by Scrub Daddy The Forth
good games
Collection by jeremywaldron6
i want too make new friends and i am a cool guy and i play really good games
Collection by Hoerli
Hoerli's GreenLightGames in einer Liste. Sehe nach, was ihm gefällt!
Games Featured on my Steam Blog
Collection by greybatter97
Showing the good, the bad and the ugly of what Steam Greenlight has to offer. This collection features games featured on my blog. (Here; But let's face it, Greenlight is full of cockers and it might caused Steam to jump
Fun games
Collection by KenG
Would totally get!
Collection by KingpenguinL
Indie Lab.
Collection by Guridepoa
Here we test every genre included in the following list: Visual Novels, Arcade, MMOSurvival, Survival, FPS, RTS, Turn Based strategy, and RPGMakers.
My Games
Collection by PICraft
All things i have ever made :p
Collection by lionkinggod9000
I have to do this list :P
Games I Find Interesting
Collection by Kingdookoo
Just some games that interest me on Greenlight that I want to follow.
Collection by Sarpax
Collection by Andy Retro
Collection by RedMartianGaming
Collection by eicka✌
Z ciekawości
Collection by Kisielekson
Tworzę tak z ciekawości.
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