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Sandbox MMOs
Collection by: Reynava
Sandbox MMOs that have caught my attention.
Greenlight Gems
Collection by: Kassan6ra
My favorites among the loads of games I have voted on Greenlight. Some are works of art, some plain fun. All of them are my personal choices :)
games i want now!
Collection by: Hikari Kurayami~
games i really want to play
Collection by: MrCalavera
Juegos de Greenlight
Los mejores de horror
Collection by: Grimm ㋡
Collection by: pug master
random games [all genres
Jeux favoris
Collection by: Taykou
Local (couch) multiplayer
Collection by: Brad
Collection by: ~Night Trap~
things to keep an eye on
Collection by: Aiden
These are items that I want on Steam.
Spiricore's 'To Watch List'
Collection by: Spiricore
Games I find interesting and look promising. PC and english-only.
Basic games that are a lot of fun!
Collection by: Morgosin
These are fun!
Greenlit games that look cool
Collection by: 『 TUSK ACT. IV 』 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゞ
Oh Shiz i want it!!!
Collection by: IzaHova
These are Steam Greenlight titles I'd LOVE to own.
Game I should get
Collection by: PhuGamer4life
Game in Greenlight that really I should get when it's coming out
Collection by: ViolenceTrist
Scary BAWIUF qiaweofh
Greenlight Showcase 1
Collection by: Underdrill
This collection is for sorting purposes only.
stillalive studios' Greenlight Picks!
Collection by: Kikitosaurio
This is the official Greenlight Picks of the stillalive studios team members. We are a small distributed team based in Austria with members from all over the world (Switzerland, United States, Italy, Germany, Finland and Ecuador.) with a very varied taste...
Indie Games Searchlight's Greenlight Gumbo
Collection by: ADDatWork
Indie Games Searchlight is a YouTube series all about showing interesting and engaging Indie Games. This is stuff I've played, reviewed, previewed, or would love to see on steam! Note: No actual gumbo I'm hungry...
Collection by: Autositz
Items of interest.
Things i think will be cool...hopefully
Collection by: DetectiveWright
This is a collection of stuff that i think will be really cool and good (hopefully) when they are finished. Alot of interesting stuff going on
Collection by: True Knot
games I think are interesting and look fun.
10 games that I can't wait to play
Collection by: yura499
In this collection contains 10 best Greenlight games that I have chosen. I really can't wait to play! ^_^ I made this collection only for me, but if you reading this please check and vote for these games. It's awesome!
Pedobear fun box :D
Collection by: Wood Toaster
Collection by: sangansyougo's Greenlight Darlings
Collection by: Biggest Sushi's Greenlight Darlings Here is a selection of developers in which we have covered or are working to cover for our podcast. We host these developers in a one hour long conversation about their game and their inspirations. Each game on this li...
Collection by: Shichirobei
Juegos próximos de GL.
Made in Spain
Collection by: vEK
¡Colección de juegos hechos en España! ;3 Games collection made in Spain!
These are the champions ;)
Collection by: nninx
Greenlight items I want to see made, play or even see them on the steam sale. They sure deserve it more than any cheap reskined quick money-grabber we've all had a displeasure to meet on steam.
Collection by: Xeecros
Games i would like to play in the future.
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