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Random RPG's
Collection by: cimerians
ruby geridos
Collection by: IFISH57
Games I Really Want To Play :D
Collection by: Rolopud
Very Simple: Only Contains Games Which I Really Want To Play! :D
Collection by: Opissay
minha lista de jogos para o steam
The Games I Really Want To Become A Game
Collection by: Apocalypsey
This is the folder of greenlight games that i really want to become a...well you know...a game.
HLB Games for me like a boss
Collection by: Derpy Duck
Games you don't want to miss
Collection by: 777eza
Games you really don't want to miss, I mean it.
Greenlight games
Collection by: PLANTROON
Games that I'd like to see on Steam
Collection by: Space☆Dandy
a fun filled game lobby
Collection by: DJyo24
Tamfarkas Gamepack
Collection by: [AvP|HuN] Krisz
Tamfarkas's Free Games :)
Captian rex
Collection by: The_Knight_of_killers
Must Play Before You Die
Collection by: Ovadiche
Lo mejor te lo digo yo
Collection by: Soiqe
Collection by: Jalmain
good games
Collection by: fish
Must Happen
Collection by: orbist
Collection by: robomonster1010
bla bla BLAH
Early Access Games
Collection by: JandCandO
Mostley games in their alpha stages, early access, or overlooked games that have potential.
Collection by: Aeroth_Anarchy
Collection by:
games omg
Collection by: deepsouthwrx
Support these games!
Collection by: ƒlåpjâçK
With so many great games being added to Greenlight it can be difficult to pick out the games that deserve the most support. My goal for this collection is to find some of the best and/or unique games that have caught my eye. Take a look at some of the tit...
cool games
Collection by: Soulcalibur
cool games
cool games
Collection by: Soulcalibur
cool games
Collection by: alexmorgan2020
Interesting Greenlit Games
Collection by: | La Volpe |
Interesting games that I would like to look into further.
GreenLight Games
Collection by: Nixon823
Games from greenlight I would like to see on steam.
Collection by: Dj Write
Please help these games get onto steam so we can freaking enjoy them like the happy people we are!
Caña Futura
Collection by: iTor
Juegos a los que dar caña en un futuro
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