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Beest Games
Collection by COSMIN ™
2D Side Scrolling Beat-em-ups
Collection by fug4life
Rage against the machine! A collection of my favourite 2D Side Scrolling Beat-em-ups that are out there trying to make it on steam!
My Favorite Greenlights
Collection by Chad The Human Goat God
My Favorite Greenlights game to play.
Unique Games
Collection by Xerxes Odysseus
It is a collection of unique games that have unique mechanics and unique graphics.
Collection 1
Collection by ~Smoket~
Visual Novel Fans
Collection by meru
A list of visual novels on Greenlight that need your vote!
FanSH Greenlight Games
Collection by FanSH
future games i want
Collection by (pro3211)riders3211
sams collection
Collection by samurai
Collection by great_mirlok
I vote yes.
Collection by fly8fly
Things in greenlight I think should be added to Steam.
Coleção Desejáveis
Collection by Willen
Collection by Diego
ZZS games
Collection by ZigZag Games
We create games for you! Adventure, puzzle and RPG, we like creating video games and we are still working on something new. Play our newest game: Abrix the robot and if you like it - vote Yes and help it got greenlit.
Collection by Pain
Collection by Lynx
Hello Collection of Funzies
Collection by TheFrogMaster
BlackLight Gaming
Collection by EFX
Collection by 47 хромосом
The Woozie Collection
Collection by salt - cheap csgo skins
Its just a collection of all my greenlit games I want on steam
Best game
Collection by
Best game
Quentin the Gamer's games
Collection by Bluey the slime!
The Zeriouz H.Y.P.E Collection
Collection by melos82
upcoming games we are reeeeaaallly hyped for !! ;-)
Collection by ✪ ryder シ
num sei
Collection by natanbarbosa
One awesome game you should vote for
Collection by Hunter
One awesome anime mmorpg you should vote for
Premium games that must be Greenlit.
Collection by Zanjo
Premium games, mostly pixel games that must be greenlit!
Deserve The Green
Collection by lividlegion
Hidden gems
Collection by 시안
A few hidden gems...
Game Collected
Collection by R-Soul
Games that stand out from the rest, by having promising gameplay mechanics, outstanding sountrack and visuals or a very well put together overall concept. Overall, great games that people usually missed among the endless ocean that is Greenlight. There
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