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Interesting RPG
Collection by: IsTheFucker
Mi opinion de los RGP que me interesan mucho
Próximos a aparecer
Collection by: luizja
Lista de tíutulos que han sido aprobados para usarse en Steam.
Collection by: ジュリアン
A personal collection, to keep track of cyberpunky game I find on Greenlight. Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with...
Collection by: neolplays
alles rund um Portal 2 :D :P
Collection by: DeadsPlayer
Test 123
Collection by: Britton90
Awesome Games!
Collection by: Mrs. Stoops
awesome games that i think should come to steam!
Free To Play Games (ESP)
Collection by: [SEXY] FG - ♪ TheCrazyVagrant
mk 01
Collection by: Oswald
greenlight please mm
Collection by: kasuka heiwajima
Favoritos Green
Collection by: Amarelo
Bons jogos
Приложение ВК
Collection by: [L]ira Worning
Eager Anticipation
Collection by: joel
The greenlight games I've come across that I'm eagerly anticipating
Collection by: Lattelin
Collection by: Ari
Games that I want to play and promote to others cus they're awesome.
Rogues n RPGs
Collection by: kalanidejesus_1
Roguelikes and Role Playing Games
A waiting Greenlight Games
Collection by: v4victory501
Waiting for the light to change
Collection by: jugca77
Jeux Greenlight
Collection by: ☢GамeR X☢
Collection by: RoCCo :>
Greenlight for Linux (Ubuntu & Big Picture)
Collection by: 00LoewenZahn
Side-Scroller, Racing, etc. Mit Steam im Wohnzimmer zocken, darauf wartest nicht nur Du! Auch für alle die gerne mit Ubuntu zocken,... die neuen Spiele von unabhängigen Entwicklern, aussortiert und gesammelt
June 2014 Must Light
Collection by: PyroSunset
Items that shoud be Greenlit now!
The Mac Collection
Collection by: PyroSunset
Games for the Mac that I PyroSunset want to see Greenlit!
Collection by: kimimaru-kun
Bring back arena shooters
Collection by: sеgfault
Games with the following need not apply: -regenerating health that makes trading damage useless -low health pools that shorten gunfights -killstreaks -bland interchangeable weapons with no distinct mechanics -slow movement bound by a stamina system...
waiting for
Collection by: Commander 357
the games on greenlight that i will be looking into
The Sexiest Gamer Alive's Collection
Collection by: TheSexiestGamerAlive
coleçao de jogos da steam
Collection by: Mr.Paulo1235
eu quero 4567 de games
Collection by: GroovyGI
Wolf's Games To Buy
Collection by: countwolf1
These games are from the Greenlight page(s) and are games I found to be very amazing and incredible and that I want to buy to play. This collection is as eccentric as myself encompassing RPGs,Horror,and 1st Person shooters(to name just a few of the genres...
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