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Historical Games
Collection by: THE JOKER
This is a Historical game collection. it has to be about the worlds history in wars like revolutionary war,ww2, Total war series. please help me get this collection up and running.
Eve Online Alternative
Collection by: Chris
An alternative to the award winning Eve Online if you're more into land combat.
Collection by: Akella
F2P multi/mmos
Collection by: Auto
Its just a bunch of free to play games that i am either enjoying or plan on trying
SCP Foundation Games
Collection by: Anonymister
SInce I am a fan of the SCP Foundation, I thought I'd bring together right here all of the games I found here on Greenlight under Concepts that pertain or involve the SCP Foundation. I will likely make some adjustments to this Collection in the future. ...
Keep an eye out
Collection by: Rognavaldr
A place to keep track of games that show promise, but due to media saturation and the passing of time may be forgotten.
Collection by: NIBITO YAMA
Scary spave games
Collection by: Sharpie
indie games i found terrifying
Beautiful works of art
Collection by: B-Man99
This stuff is fucking amazing
Collection by: blue blur
Worst greenlight games
Collection by: Leif
Join us at
Collection by: +sadaharu_25
Lista de futuras promesas
Collection by: Shird
Collection by: Noble Judgment
it has stuff
Zöld Játékok
Collection by: Robin
Collection by: jman1878
This collection is gonna get more games soon i just need money for them so ill try to get money for steam/steam greenlight and ill find games and put them on here
The Universim
Collection by: -[BE]-[BlackMouse]-
The The Universim | Youtube The Universim | Twitter:
Indie Interessanti
Collection by: GabriMoret97
Solo indie che si ritiene davvero validi
Plant vs. Zombie
Collection by: Captain Blep Bop
This Collection is About Plant vs. Zombie.Please Add This Collection To Your Collection.Thank you!
Best game
Collection by: Prismo
Reddit GameDevelopers' Collection
Collection by: xSythe
Games made by developers on /r/gamedev, so, basically, games with tons of potential that should be greenlit.
Collection by: McToastyWaffle
Im making a list/collection of games,utilities,mods,maps,etc... Just to show you what i think has potential in it.In no way am i a professional in any of these catagorys of games,utilities,etc. Just from my opinion do i add these to this list/collection. ...
Linux Green Games
Collection by: Llikym
A ver que jugamos en el futuro...
The collection of good games
Collection by: EnderNova
i find a game i like and i add it!
supahhh hawt
Collection by: v0ken <Juan b0ss>
This looks dark and attractive
Collection by: Elliot DUN DUN DUN
Collection by: KBz | Rudolph
The PortalLand of Youtube and Games with mod future idea
for download
Collection by: n1claus
Collection by: ~>Cul^∆
Juegos de steam
Collection by: TugLyf
Can't wait for this!
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