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Collection by: Khenu Baal Barca
Juegos de Greenlight que me han gustado de estilo simulador, o tiros pero no en primera persona (más bien tanques, barcos, naves espaciales, o aviones).
Co-Optional Wishlist :D
Collection by: Rick Grimes
Just some games I want, some if Co-Op id like to play with peebles, although lots of these are singleplayer. :(
Indie games bundle
Collection by: hwparkk
Private MFG
so jogao
Collection by: |!|IBR.Mestre
Collection by: $-VooDoo-$
Bettah than beta
Collection by: Kaled Kelevra
Me wants ;)
Collection by: Phobos_s
Collection by: Vavim
Notícias, informações sobre cultura pop zombie. Greenlight que pode até não ser a melhor saída para os jogos indies, mas graças a ela podemos ter acesso a vários títulos que talvez continuassem escondidos. Ajuda muito a incentivar a criação de...
Collection by: wE//Cyberdemon
Pinball games
Collection by: Raven
zombie games
Collection by: PLUCKxMYxTESTYS
killing murder death and ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by: BniA
Fear Gaming
Collection by: Bigby Wolf
Games Developed By Fear
Collection by: Shotgunjr
Nice-News. #1
Collection by: m1x :j
Коллекция игр.
Greenlight games
Collection by: ermissao
Jogos favoritados na Greenlight, possíveis compras.
Лучшие игры 2013-2014 года
Collection by: rodionmaksimo2000
Juegos Pavos
Collection by: Ap0calipsi
Games I Want
Collection by: Riyeko
Games that I want, like or would like to see on Steam.
things to look forward too
Collection by: guyoh4000
keep track of these!
Collection by: ☢☣㊛My_Life_Story㊛☣☢
I hope this helps with people decieding what games they should get over the yeara or Days atleast but if you know which games you like i i hope u subscribe thxx.
Games are worth to vote "YES" [all genres]
Collection by: sv@lex [UKR]
Любимые Игры
Collection by: SCP-1048
Тут собраны почти все игры которые я знаю, может даже люблю в них играть. Первой моей игрой в коллекции станет Копатель Онлайн "Война".
Collection by: Pekoni
Commodore 64
Collection by: Barss
Modern games with old school spirit.
Horror Collection
Collection by: Vraca
If you like to play horror games and would like to see some good titles on steam, here is a list I've made for you.
Steam Cellector Wazyx
Collection by: OS-Wazyx
Mes votes, mes jeux, mon Steam !
Les jeux à potentiels
Collection by: Tacotac
Ici se trouve pour moi les jeux à grands potentiels.
i see i like
Collection by: MINICAT
My Collection I interest.
Simulation Games
Collection by: Darkxtuik
It's A Colleciton Of Cool Simulation Games.
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