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Collection by: olegolehua
Collection by: Dimastika
My Collection - Greenlight Games
Collection by: qtamir1
I am trying to collect the best games that should be on steam or the best games that are already on steam so it is kind of a mix... Enjoy and you are welcome to offer me games to add.
Collection by: rollsantista
Collection by: Ravs
99's Collection
Collection by: Ж๖ۣۜSir Вoss™Ж
this is a thing that im going to have on my Steam
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit
Collection by: [OsR]Maverik770
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit. There is so much crap that gets approved through Greenlight while hundreds of really good games and projects get log jammed in the process. This is a list of games that I feel really deserve to be Greenlit. So up vote th...
Collection by: BaPeHa9 MaKaKa
Pure Puzzles
Collection by: ks
No jumping or running around mazes, no time limits, no gimmicks. This is a collection of pure puzzles which favor thought over reflexes, If you love: * SpaceChem ( * Hexcells Plus (
Collection by: [E]liminate¸.•'¯)
Generic Greenlight Games
Collection by: Australian @back
I've rated so many games that i've seen a pattern to it all. To be in the collection, it must meet one of the following rules: 1) Incredibly generic horror game where you are all alone in some abandoned area, just exploring and picking up objects, un...
Something To Play
Collection by: New2disK
[My collection consist of every type of game style and Software Games that I've pick will totally make your day. These games might not be fun but there enjoyable enough that'll keep you busy for hours if not week...
May 14th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Collection by: ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on May 14th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in gau...
Crazy indies
Collection by: Fr057
Crazy and cool indie games that I like
Collection by: [TheFMs]WAIFUS R LIFE
Good Games
Collection by: Jens [GER]
Here my favorite games off Greenlight. Please vote too if you like it. SEND ME YOU GAMES! Check out my Horror Collection:
Collection by: Lurler
AtomicTorch Studio Games
indépendants à acheter
Collection by: wooke
Je cherche des jeux de survie, aléatoire, rpg, monde ouvert,... ce genre là plus ou moins.
Collection by: F.o.A|Gege
The Best Effing Games You'll See on Greenlight
Collection by: superdupergc
Collection by: Vafelka1
Awaited Games
Collection by: [SP] Joshpro Survivalist
Here will be greenlight games that I am so pumped for...
Collection by: [BLaZed] ★ĜIѦИŁU©ѦϮ★
In the collection are super sexy girls
Collection by: Samuel Hypnos
Free+Achievements from GL
Collection by: kmyc89
Free/F2P games, who get GL and have Achievements. Double win.
My Games
Collection by: zacntan
Greenlight RELEASED games
Collection by: ßy ∞ Atomic Heavy™
OverwatchRP Addon Collection
Collection by: |FP| ILikeTrains
Addon collection Rights and © ® goes to the makers of the addons
Leadwerks Games on Steam
Collection by: Leadwerks Software
Here are some of the games people are making with Leadwerks Game Engine.
Collection by: E [C*] O
Best of Greenlight^^ for Oculus Rift Virtuell Reality....
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