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Beast Games
Collection by AlienSperm [ITA]
Total boss games only
Sonu's GREENLIGHT Collection
Collection by Sergente Sonu
Sonu's GREENLIGHT Collection is my private collection of games that I really would like to buy & play. In this collection you will find mostly horror, strange and unique game. Take a look at these games and vote them! ^_^
Collection by Romagna
Collection by fuck you binay
amazing games
Collection by wizard master結城晶子リト
The Future
Collection by Shadow'Virt
It Is My Choice !!!
Greenlight Fav's
Collection by zoominnewman22
Games that I think are good. I'm a big race sim fan, but I like just about all of them ....IF THEY WORK WELL!
Collection by VooDoo
Len Tak
Collection by .:SKMetal--Emental:.
COOL -.-
Collection by Blue Power Ranger
Games with Dinosaurs
Collection by PapaFrank™
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
Mah stuff
Collection by b2christiano
This am mah stuff
Collection by Telu
Collection by StrikeX
İnce eleyip sık dokuduğum oyun koleksiyonum.
pirates of hell
Collection by METE1
there are very good pirate games and all of them are cool
Collection by IceSmoke
Visual novel's Collection
Collection by Eluveitie
The collection consists of games genre: Visual novel
Japan Banzai! Greenlight Collection
Collection by NovaSe7en
A collection of all Japanese games that have appeared on Greenlight. In similar fashion to our curator page, we're putting Japan's doujin/indie scene front and center. Let's show our support for the few that have made their way to the platform.
Collection by Жасмин
Best Sims
Collection by CreativoLife
The Best Sims !
Manga-/ Anime-/ Otaku-Games
Collection by 徳和ナり真希
Games which don't only have anime graphics,ones which also a lovely story and everything a true otaku wants and needs (=^-^=)
Ellitopia's Greenlight Watchlist
Collection by ellbristow
A collection of games we're keeping our eye on at Ellitopia Gaming. Some of these we've covered in First PLay videos on our YouTube channel already, some we're waitign to get our greasy mits on... all of them we think you shoudl be keeping an eye on!
Greenlit Collection
Collection by FlubDubBaggins
This collection has Greenlit games in it only...
My favorite Start Ups
Collection by #ῷ7ϩ5ῷ3™ 👴
My Greenlight Collection:
Collection by wigle000
Visual Novel
Collection by Tzu
In Space!
Collection by Crouch Potato!
Games in the cold dark of space!
[ Greenlit an eye #.# ]
Collection by Dark Riddler
Some promising / alternative games.
Collection by KyM
Flow Network Pointshop
Collection by Grimnox
All materials and models for Flow Network pointshop ( Updated frequently)
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