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стрёмные игры
Collection by BlockyAlmond 217
стрёмные игрукшки
Best Indies 10/10
Collection by Emendo12
Simpy a collection of indie games that are fantastic all around!
Collection by -Spooky-
Greenlight games, which are still in development or already released.
I can haz gaym?
Collection by Tetz Ahoy
Just uhh... games that I want to happen.
Collection by Deceased
то что связано с играми
Collection by Daotear
First collection. It was needed to get The Outpost Game...
Collection by Mr.boden
This is a collection of all the games i think are good and want to buy at some point.
Collection by eric
Games which seem to exceed my limits for patience in that they inflame my lust to purchase them, available or not.
Survival Horror
Collection by [Sweg]~>S@nd
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