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Collection by Weebelly
survive games i like
Collection by Пес Битвы
Collection by [AAMC]Puremonk
Jeu intéressant à l'avenir
Collection by Alex
C cool laice poce blo, On va lancer missile sur Russie pour voir réaction poutine Laisse poce blo esspèriance sociale
Collection by tris
These are some sexy games. Greenlight Bluelight them now, Valve!
my game
Collection by imothep85
my game development
Collection by Mayujin
Obligatory Collection
Collection by james
I'm not really sure why I need to create a collection, but here it is.
Collection by KneePads
Collection by Shy
Visual Novels/Otome Games Something like that
Collection by Miyu
Well, personally I'm a fan of visual novels and otome games and rpg or something like that ... So... ehm... I'm going to save some things here? (I suck at describing something)
TheGreenSentryStudio's favorite games
Collection by TheGreenSentryStudio
This is an storage,that shows,what game i like!!!
Collection by P.O.M.G
Gnarltoof's Recomended
Collection by Gnarl
Here's some great greenlight items!
Good games for neat fellows
Collection by The_Mailman113
Really Nice Lookin' Games
Collection by Goose in a Noose!
A Collection of a Really Good Lookin' Games!
Collection by Krampus Dunkus
Games that need to come to steem
Anime/Visual Novel Games from Greenlight
Collection by ffleader1
As Steam Greenlight shutdown, what you see here is basically every VN ever released on Steam that was probably worth playing the most. ---- ~ Original ~ A collection of Japanese Anime/Visual Novel games on Steam Greenlight that were actually[
Portals :D
Collection by quisimon
Collection by ุุุุHoovy
uhm idk
Gamers-Kings Избранное
Collection by (gamerkinger) Cat-Man Gamer
Это Коллекция От Gamers-Kings Тут Вы Найдёте Хорошие Проекты .
Collection by LehanFox@
Игры которые стоит купить
Pxx Collection
Collection by ıverson,
Four Avatars Team! Earth-Water-Air-Fire
Collection by Black Rose
Gigantically Alliance Freedom Earth!!!!!! Four Avatars together in an era namely now (Deleteds Names of Avatars)
Collection by danilovaleitetm
foda de mais!!!!!!!
Collection by ⒶnarcHero ☭ マティウ
Liste de jeux post-apocalyptiques
Corrupted Studios Games
Collection by BoxandRocks
All of the games in this collection are developed and published by Corrupted Studios, a small independent game development team behind projects like PUNT, Picskel, and more.
Collection by Domo ate twin towers :D
Greenlight S2
Collection by Metal Born
just to remember the games that i want to buy
эстетическое удовольствие
Collection by getmanlazar
собираю самые приятные игры,с которыми проводить вечера одно удовольствие.
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