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Collection by Dj AkMaN
The Expertly-Crafted Crate for Pretty Good-Looking Greenlight Games
Collection by The Dark Lord of Puns
Within the swamp that is Steam Greenlight there are a few rather pretty patches. This collection showcases games I find genuinely interesting, and ones that I will likely buy if they get Greenlit.
Russian indie games
Collection by Plague Knight
Collection by nobody
wait it
Dishwashers United
Collection by Affordable Healthcare
Interesting Games
Collection by CodyRocks6
Just games I find interesting
My greenlit games
Collection by AGS | Dreas
This is a collection of my greenlit games.
Action games
Collection by **PabLit007** TMT
Action & Adventure
Visual Novel
Collection by Darkness96
No se que poner :v
Arcane Raise Franchise
Collection by RetriButioN
Arcane Raise is a role-playing video game franchise, wherein a group of resurrected hunters known as Shades, fight alongside humans against monsters in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by an infestation. Do you have what it takes to survive and recl
Collection by PickleRICK
Gaussbergs Beste
Collection by ♞Gaussberg♞
Collection by QWertyIX
Games of our team
Collection by YAVRUU
Collection by Qrus
Hype Games
Collection by Liam ワリオ
This is a list of games that are HYPE! Weather its for their releases or just updates for these games.
Shovelware (AKA terrible horrible sh*tty games)
Collection by Dwolfy
Games from known sh*tty / shady developers or publishers. Incomplete, horrible looking, terrible to play, assets flipping and other "gems" that are only published to make a quick buck. Most of them use Greenlight boosting groups / bots to creep into the
VR Greenlight
Collection by nortonnetz
VR Title Greenlight
Make steam GREAT again
Collection by Th3pravato
We , the citizen of steam , are now joined a great national effort , to rebuild our platform. We will face many garbage but we will get the job done.
Games I will definately buy if they get modding support.
Collection by Davoodinator
Collection by medieval
Horror games to keep tabs on...
Jogos Fodastico
Collection by Pica-Pau
Esse jogos que eu escolher vão se foda pr mim
Collection by brasch
! ! !
Collection by trymorepls
indie games
Games i want
Collection by Reubenub
This game is good
Collection by BUBU
Collection by F4llZ
Gry które chciałbym zobaczyć na Steam
Collection by MrPawlo112
Scams - Assets Flip - Watch Out!
Collection by Dwolfy
Scams - "Games" thats are merely assets flips. Info: Most common asset packs used are from:
Mobile Ports / Free Flash Games
Collection by Dwolfy
Mobile games trying to get on the Steam Store.
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