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Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers!
Collection by: Jaqarll
This collection will try to form a list of all games containing Pirates, Corsairs, Privateers and Buccaneers!
Collection by: Где мои деньги, сучара
Big Bad Goat's collection of potentially awesome games a.k.a. games I want to keep track of
Collection by: Big Bad Goat
Created because I would surely forget about them otherwise.
THE games
Collection by: alwayzb0n3z
This collection holds THE most anticipated games of all time!
Collection by: ersth08
Collection by: SyLoRD
Collection by: SyLoRD
I'm waiting for Greenlight.
Collection by: Harg "Orange"
List of greenlight games I'm waiting the steam keys.
I'm a backer.
Collection by: Harg "Orange"
List of game i backed on Kickstarter or IndieGogo.
Collection by: Yozue
Driv3n greenlight games from bundles
Collection by: **OFF**
Here my list of my greenlight games, bought on differents bundles. I'm waiting them steam keys.
Racing games pc
Collection by: Blue Angel
Collection by: suhaibwadi
Collection by: Urtecho
La keys que espero XD
R@!NBRO$ Approved
Collection by: R@!NBRO$
My collection of Greenlit items tend to be mostly Indie and Action games. I choose these items based on what seems the most impressive, well thought out, and fun. These are the games that I hope to eventually see out on the Steam Market and be avalible ...
Collection by: MrCoX
Promising indie games that look worth checking out
Collection by: f3
Collection by: capitaine-tuv
Tuv's Favorites
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