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la cosa
Collection by jesusgutierrezc
la cosa coleccion XD
Tippy Top
Collection by ValkyrieEstacruz
The games I'm most hyped for
Cubic Maze
Collection by Radeshi
O grupo Cubic Maze sempre procura nos jogos INOVAÇÃO! Ultimamente a maioria de jogos adicionados na Greenlight se tornarão extremamente genéricos. Sabemos que todos merecem uma chance de alavancar suas carreiras como futuros dev's de jogos, mas est...
Collection by TAYMEKHOLDEM #1
Stuff that seems fun
Collection by PR0SP3R_GAMING
Look for this stuff when it comes out
Life-Sim RPGs
Collection by Jonoridge
I'll be listing a collection of life-sim RPGs, starting with our(Rebourne Studios) own game Rite of Life.
Your Greatest Adventure
Collection by ultranick9
All of the Your Greatest Adventure games (Only one right now. Hoping to make more)
Visual Novels Worth Buying
Collection by Raw
These are Visual Novels that I think would be worth buying.
Collection by PetreXS
ts 16
Collection by (L&K FMSGR) [64 More Day Bday]
Collection by .arkadij=0000=
Power Games
Collection by Princess Awesome
Hard ; j
Collection by NeS
Collection by Epic117
Collection by Gen. McKenzie
Buenos no, lo siguiente
Collection by ENXEVR3
Nuthing much
Collection by Deyuaru
Nuthing much..
Groupees BAGB games
Collection by Bongo
This is a collection of Groupee's "Build a Greenlight Bundle". While there are some other collections, they weren't complete or kept up to date. I'll try my best adding future bundles to this collection. Some greenlight pages have been deleted so they ...
Dolphin's Greenlight
Collection by Dolphin
my collection of favorites
Collection by erdalf
Efsane oyunlar
Epic Games
Collection by ExcitedPenguino
These are the games that I specifically want, and the ones I think are cool enough to make my list ;)
Collection by Kaypix
Collection by Guilka
Meu favoritos... Minha vida.. Emoção.. E jogar!!
games that look like fun
Collection by thoroar darkeyes
these look like they might be fun
Collection by pand0
First Person Mania
Collection by Magnum JackelOpus
Do you like First person games? Do you like First person games that have humour? Do you like First person games that make you want to pee your pants? Then here is a bunch of games that are first person games that you should vote for!!
GOTY Bundle
Collection by [ESOTERIC NUDIST]™
just epic
Interesting Greenlight Games
Collection by NCR SC Hubley
Good Greenlit Games
Collection by Da Shock Doc
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