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Must Buys
Collection by: mrbrandon21ish
Things I would like to have.
Collection by: AznSpirit
Greenlight stuff I love
Collection by: Velique
Spectacular indie games that say to hell with progress and make something "old" that's great, OR creative, unique, challenging, genuinely new stuff that breaks ground. Or a bit of both, because that is possible.
Collection by: DrBlock42
Pixel <!-- In digital imaging, a pixel, or pel, (picture element) is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The add...
Collection by: Fairner
Free to play games that I want to try now or when it's available.
The Best Ones
Collection by: Jason Eller
The Best of The Best
Awesome games to play :D
Collection by: Mentally Challenged Alpaca
Yeah most probably that you can tell from my list of games is that I'm a casual gamer. But the games that I usually enjoy playing are anime style, point and click and some more that I can't think off the top of my head. Science Girls is basically a anime ...
Amoosing Games
Collection by: Perfectly Fine Operating System
Just stuff I find interesting
yes plis
Collection by: ggqp
elsword is coolz
Collection by: bootszebi
just my collection and wish list
All the wants
Collection by: bagszi
games i want in steam
Cool games :D
Collection by: Tehcool
Collection by: eAe_Armitag3
Collection based on recommended Greenlight projects by various Podcast and Gaming websites. Projects that have some credit to being worth while. AKA. DO WANT!! Projects. ^_^
My fun collection
Collection by: yinyin17698
Collection by: muffin
co op games
Collection by: The Purple King
all the things i would love playing
Collection by: Markoze
Want them. Just nice games. I love graphics.
Collection by: tiny0mushroom
Concept Favos
Collection by: A.H.K.
Only my personal list of favorite concepts :P
Collection by: S_A_M_A_E_L
An Interesting Mix
Collection by: wssmith04
This collection is interesting because the games themselves are interesting. Or, at least, I find them interesting and want to see them developed further.
GreenLight Games
Collection by: [ÐMF] Ken
Must Have Games
Collection by: Mevakel
These are the essental games for any computer gamer. From the classic to the newest cutting edge games.
Sicilium's Favorite Grinlite
Collection by: Sergey_Curtis
The collection of all the interesting and unusual game in my opinion - this pixelated graphics, and platformers of old and new styles, and diverse horror - from the classic to the rather unusual, there are simulations of survival .... a lot of things. All...
Игры с большой буквы
Collection by: Kwinto
Игры, создатели которых поработали на славу
Good's Greenlight Game
Collection by: Mr. Good™ 54RUS
Проинспектированные мной игры, которым дан зеленый свет на основе исключительно собственного любительского суждения.
Collection by: jhenrique_2001
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Collection by: storman2002
Collection by: Returner
Legit games
Collection by: OceanicEstate
An assessment of the quality games on steam greenlight. You will find only the most legit in this collection.
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