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Favorite games
Collection by: JunctionFunction
Best games
Любимые Игры
Collection by: Бобёр
Тут собраны почти все игры которые я знаю, может даже люблю в них играть. Первой моей игрой в коллекции станет Копатель Онлайн "Война".
collection 1
Collection by: GuyCool801
[ ]
JayRay pack green light
Collection by: JayRay
:D fajna
Elsword- A Exciting MMORPG AND MORE!
Collection by: Scl_Birdy
Elsword: This is a 3-D side scrolling game where you can either play alone or play with friend, you also have a fun story line to follow. If you ever get board of the story you can always play against other players in a PvP (player vs player) match. The b...
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest - Orangeorblack's picks
Collection by: brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poi...
Collection by: [~Kinky~]Life
Kawaii Games :3
Collection by: Aya Chan~
cool games
Collection by: DaRythMatah
have fun whe i say that its a cool game its a cool game
fuck this
Collection by: knightmare.da
My Collection
Collection by: danielgonzalez911
This collection will feature only the best played online games that are either of the Fighting game genre or the MMORPG genre (Although it may also take time to focus on other genres, such at First Person Shooter's, Music-based games, etc.) All games ment...
online games
Collection by: devilmaycryaqw
Collection by: cchuy_hola_live
Collection by: Ircha
My Favorite Collection
Collection by: >RC|Cyrex
Favorite games :D
Collection by: Kirito_Kazuto
Are you looking for MARVELOUS. . .and EXTREMELY EPIC. . .PHENOMENAL games to play? o(•l w l•)D Well, you've come to the right place~ d(•>// w\l•)D Give them a try & see if you like it (I'm sure you won't be disappointed~) d(•>/3 \\l•...
Fun Games
Collection by: Sazuka441
games i find fun :-P add if you want too
My Special Trove
Collection by: Legend
A collection of greenlight-prospect games. Why not? Afterall... more games = more fun. NOW DRINK THAT DEW!
Collection by: Noodle Candy
My Games
Collection by: ijonah
Games I wanna Play
Collection by: Kiba
These are games that I would like to play when they are greenlighted.
2013 Best list
Collection by: berialwu
2013 my best list
Collection by: danicreations
Side scrollers
Collection by: raics
Collection by: IWillDieLOL
Greenlight Collection
Collection by: KiddPandah
Collection by: LukeBlueFive
A collection of my all-time favorite side-scrollers.
Things i'd like to see greenlit
Collection by: Drazarus
These are a bunch of games in the greenlight that I would like to see greenlit.
Collection by: Yatekko
A collection of MMORPGs I would like to see added to Steam.
Burn !!!
Collection by: Burn
Whatever I want to play :)
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